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Cat Hampurr May 2014

Anyone that knows me knows I love cats.  Both of my cats are from the Cats Protection League.  Poppy was a stray and Henry was neglected, living in a house with 13 other cats and had to scavenge for food.  For that reason I take every opportunity to make sure that their years spent with us are happy ones, so when Gareth from Cat Hampurr contacted me as he'd seen I was 'a cat lady,' I was more than happy to receive a box and try their monthly cat subscription box for myself.

I have filmed a video of my cats 'reviewing' each product, click here to watch it (It's definitely a must watch video!)

Firstly, I giggled when the box arrived it was labelled to Poppy & Henry, 'care of' my name.  I love this and I hope that they do this for every box that is sent.  

Poppy doing a thorough inspection

Actually for reference, these photos were taken after I filmed the video.  I did this purposely so that you could see the cats' genuine first impressions as I introduced the products to them.

 Henry taking a closer look

I'm a firm believer that just like humans, cats get sick of the same food all of the time.  For that reason, since we got Poppy and Henry we do not buy the same food over and over again and will always try and vary it.  I think that this makes a subscription like this really handy as you can have a neatly packaged surprise each month for your furbabies to enjoy.  

Sidenote:  My proof of that is my third cat who lives with my parents.  They buy the same food as they say she's fussy but then she will go through stages of refusing to eat, which of course I blame on the lack of variety that they gave her at the start.   

Action shot of Henry and Molly's Mice Catnip Mouse

The boxes are £11.95 plus £3.95 P&P for a subscription or you can get a one off box for £15.95 plus P&P.

Most people would presume that you wouldn't use a shampoo on cats but due to Henry's past, his fur was in terrible condition when we got him with dandruff all over his lower back.  We therefore needed a gentle shampoo to health condition and nourish his coat and freshen it up and noticed a significant improvement in him grooming himself afterwards too.

Both cats seemed to take to this dry food straight away which is always a good sign as I have had them turn their noses up at some of the supermarket own brand products in the past.


Thrive Freeze Dried Cat Treats
Two tubes were included, chicken and tuna.  Poppy loved both of them and Henry seems to prefer the chicken.  I liked the look of these as you can tell they are literally pieces of chicken / tuna steak freeze dried.

Din Dins Wickedly Raw Superfoods
This is a finely milled powder that I think I'll need to mix into their food but it will help with various issues like bad breath and sore joints.  As Henry is estimated to be 11 years old, these are issues I'm conscience of to keep him healthy.  

This little mouse stole the show!  I know the cats definitely liked the rest of the box but this definitely was a hit with both of them, as you can see in the video!  I'm going to order another of them so that they have one each.  

Overall I love the idea of these boxes.  I feel like I got a brilliant variety of products in it, all companies that I had not heard of which I particularly enjoyed as supermarkets only stock a set amount of brands.

Each box is designed for one cat but you will receive a discount for multiple boxes, as outlined on the Cat Hampurr website.  My cats get birthday presents as well so it would be a lovely idea to treat your pet.

I would highly recommend that you place your order and you get your paws on your own Cat Hampurr!

Henry and Molly Mice Catnip Mouse

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