Thursday, 5 June 2014

Hairdressing Level 2: The Last Few Weeks

At the start of my Hairdressing Level 2 course back in September last year I did a blog post to let you know what I was up to and how things are going.  As I'm approaching my final few weeks before I qualify I figured that I would do a post on the final few weeks as well.


In short, I have loved the course!  Hairdressing has been a passion of mine for at least ten years so I'm delighted that I have finally done it.  I plan on doing a separate post on whether I think doing hair and beauty combined is too much which shouldn't be too late into the future.  

I would say is that I truly believe that not every can be a hairdresser.  What I'm about to say it probably going to be highly offence but it really does require a lot of common sense which I truly believe not everyone possesses.  I'm not saying these people are unintelligent by any mean, my brother is a fine example of no common sense but given that he is head of year at a private school he certainly is clever. 

Most haircuts follow a set patter to a certain extent, there's three main types and they're all typically a combination of those.  The common sense is needed because if you hold your scissors at the wrong angle then you will completely destroy the style and this, I think is where many people come out of a salon with hair that's far shorter than what they asked for.  
My latest work, highlights with an intense red colour

When it comes to colour then it's like learning a whole new language.  Working out which percentages of peroxide you need to use with the hair you're dealing with is not something you will learn overnight.  Because it's so complicated I would sometimes find me feeling like I've 'gotten it' and then by the next lesson I would be lost again but I found sitting with a colour chart for a while helped it sink in a little more.

I've been to buy my backwash today - exciting!

Now I'm officially less than three weeks away from qualifying (I qualify on the 25th June) I can definitely say that I would love further training and in an ideal world, to progress to Level 3 hairdressing.  Unfortunately I can't as it's a full time course with 14 hours a week and I just can't do it.  The six hours a week I currently do has meant that two nights a week I cannot be available for client appointments, evenings are my busiest time.

In future I will probably try to do further training in different areas and I plan to do the barbering course, who knows for September?!  Until then I am currently in the process of converting my garage into a mini salon so I have been to purchase my backwash this morning which is the photographed above.  If you're thinking of doing the hairdressing course, go for it, live your dreams!

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