Thursday, 19 June 2014

My Work: Acrylics with Shellac Pink Bikini and Silver Holographic Diamond Shapes

Kerri said to me when she first started coming to me that she would 'never wear pink or red' because she would feel very conscious of the bright shade.  By the end of last year she had worn Shellac Wildfire over her acrylics and loved them!  She has also had Ruby Ritz on top of that too! 


When she came to me on Sunday she said she wanted something 'summery,' to which I naturally pointed out Shellac Tropix as a true summer shade.  I then also showed her Hot Pop Pink and Pink Bikini and she decided instantly that Pink Bikini was 'the one.'  

Although she loved the colour on it's own, I know she loves sparkle too as I added these silver diamond shapes into the sticky layer and applied the top coat.

The sparkles are a little hard to see on this photo but they're beautiful in real life.

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