Monday, 16 June 2014

My Work: Mickey & Minnie Shellac Nails

Ali came to me on Saturday to have her fingers and toes done, ready for her holiday to Florida the following day.  She wasn't sure what she wanted on them (she would tell you herself that this is the same every time she books) which is absolutely fine but it's important to me that each and every client leaves with exactly what they wanted, even if they didn't arrive with an idea.  Luckily Ali tells me that she always goes away delighted with whatever I do. 


Ali knew that she wanted her fingers and toes to be related but not completely matching, so I came up with full red and white polka dots all toes with Mickey and Minnie on her big toes.  To relate this design with her fingers, I did the same design as her big toes on the ring fingers and with a red and white polka dot french manicure on the rest. For reference I used Shellac Beau for the french, Wildfire, Cream Puff and Black Pool with an AB Swarovski crystal on top of Minnie's bow.


I think she was particularly happy with the acrylic overlay that I applied to the toe next to Mickey, it's currently pretty damaged so now it completely blends into the rest for her holiday.

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