Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Ryan Seacrest: Favourite Nail Guru Contest

A few weeks ago I woke up to a little birdie who had messaged me through my Facebook page to tell me that I was a nominee for 'Favourite Nail Guru' contest on the Ryan Seacrest website.    Honestly I was taken by complete surprise because my name was there amongst some huge You Tubers that have been doing around far longer than I have.

To be brutally honest I said straight away to my husband and my family that I didn't stand a chance, most of these channels have got over 100k subscribers after all.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that some You Tubers complained that they hadn't been included in it so the list got bigger but then they did a round each week eliminating five each time.  I swear to you that each round I was thoroughly expecting to be eliminated!  

The scores were announced today and Robin Moses is definitely a worthy winner!  More shockingly though, I came 8th!!  There were fifteen nominees in the final and I was certain that I would be 15th which would still have been an amazing achievement but I'm delighted to be the 8th favourite 'nail guru' (that term makes me cringe!)  Thanks so much for everyone who voted for me.

Anyway, the moral of today's post is that you should never assume something isn't possible because you just never know!

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  1. Aw congratulations sweetie! Don't sell yourself short! You have skills! :)


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