Thursday, 31 July 2014

CND Additives Art & Style Class

I was lucky enough to be booked on to the very first CND Additive Art an style class at Creative Academy+ Manchester yesterday.  The class I attended yesterday was only the second to run in the UK!


It was a six hour class with our educator Dawn Grant, demonstrating many nail art techniques in both Vinylux and Shellac using various brushes, additives, foils and glitters.  Firstly Dawn demonstrated the zip technique in Vinylux and then we returned to our desks and super comfy chairs to practise it.  Each different technique  was designed to challenge and develop our skill, whilst gradually getting more difficult throughout the day.

Once we had mastered the basics, Dawn then had us work on a practise sheet where as you had to replicate the design on the left in the box on the right.  I actually really enjoyed doing that!  I swear to you that I would have happily sat there for longer playing around!  We even were shown how to make our own decals.

I don't want to spoil it for any one that has already booked on this course but I know a lot of followers on Facebook have asked me what the difference is between this class and the CND Shellac Art & Style class.  I did query this with Dawn and she has confirmed that the CND Additive Art & Style class shows you techniques in Vinylux, Shellac with Additives where as the CND Shellac Art & Style class demonstrates a completely different set of techniques, specifically using Shellac.

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I returned home yesterday evening full of fresh ideas that could not wait to play further.  Even just the talking about different colour combinations possible and the thousands of different designs you could come up with just really got me thinking.  

I would say that this course would be suitable for someone right at the beginning of their career in nails right up to someone like myself who enjoys interesting looking nail art with a combination of straight forward techniques that give a fantastic outcome.  As Dawn said herself, the idea behind this type of course is to give you the techniques for you to then build on and let your imagination run wild. 

Now I have a problem though, I REALLY want to do the CND Shellac Art & Style class too....!!  

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