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Gousto Review

When Gousto got in touch to offer me one of their boxes to try their concept, I had to laugh to myself.  Little did they know, I am the most unadventurous person when it comes to food.  I have always wanted to be that person that can source any product and therefore, cook any recipe but it always seems too difficult for me or I get put off by the unusual ingredients (or what I consider unusual.)

What I realise now is that actually, people like me are their target market.  Their concept means that I am gently guided into an unfamiliar world whilst also bridging that gap between my want to cook and actually being able to.

gousto box review liverpoollashes

Let me tell you about the process.  Each week Gousto have ten recipes featured on their website.  You then go on and choose three that you fancy having a go of, you tell them whether it's going to be for two or four people and place your order.

The following week, either on a Wednesday or Friday you will receive your Gousto box which includes your three chosen recipes along with every ingredient in the exact quantity required.  You are then to chop and cut as required using the easy to read step by step instructions.  

The three meals I chose were:
  • Seared Pork & Mushroom Stroganoff With Seasonal Greens
  • Lemon & Chive Mackerel Fishcakes With Fresh Green Beans
  • Bavarian Fleischpflanzerl With Rosemary Potatoes
All of the ingredients are fresh and organic.  Most of their suppliers are based in Devon.

I have filmed a video of my experience which can be found at the bottom of this blog post which is my little video diary of each meal but I'm going to give you a run down of what I cooked and how it was.

gousto box review liverpoollashes

The first evening my husband Rob and I cooked the Pork & Mushroom Stroganoff.  The recipe was so easy to follow and it looked fantastic.  I figured I would almost certainly give my green beans to Rob to eat as admittedly I had decided I wouldn't like them.  Shockingly I actually discovered I like green beans and they're my new favourite vegetable!!  The meat was soft and tender with a fantastic flavour.  Rob now admits that he went overboard when waiting for the sauce to thicken and basically fizzled it away but even then it was gorgeous and juicy.

gousto box review liverpoollashes

The second evening we did the lemon and chive fishcakes which I had reservations about.  When I saw that it was literally a full fish had been provided, I really doubted we would manage to get the instructions right as it seemed too complicated.  This is where I'm going wrong!  Fishcakes are so straight forward to make once you've got all of the ingredients there waiting!

As one of my friends pointed out, particularly for this recipe that requires capers, it's great that you have the exact required amount as you don't end up with random jars of left over products that will eventually go to waste.  This was the first time Rob and I had ever come I to contact with capers and I know that we would have both prejudged, not wanting to use them if it wasn't for doing this review so once again, Gousto's concept helped open our eyes.

The fishcakes were delicious and perfect for summer alongside my new favourite vegetable.

gousto box review liverpoollashes

Finally our last night we did the meatballs.  As you can see by our video, it was really straight forward but with a fantastic result.  When we sat down to eat them, I was in heaven!  They were a particular favourite for Rob although he does say he really enjoyed the other two dishes as well!

gousto box review liverpoollashes

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed trialling this Gousto box.  I have to say, when we went to the supermarket last night I said to Rob on the way there about how much I really want to get a second box and that I missed doing it.  We ate so well three nights on the run that it literally felt like it was restaurant standard food.  

I totally acknowledge that to some, these are the types of meals you're having everyday but to many of us you can easily get stuck in a "food rut" and keep cooking the same meals all of the time.  Also for the fussy eaters in the family, it's the little nudge towards opening yourself to a world of new foods.

Let's talk about the price and then I have some amazing news!!  For three meals for two people it is £42 with free delivery. For three meals for four people it is £56, also with free delivery.  To me, Rob and I will easily spend £30 in a restaurant or pub meal so it's great however... I have a 50% discount code off your first order.  Those lovely people at Gousto want you to experience it for yourselves so if you use the code "LASHES1" then you will receive an amazing trial price of either £21 or £28, depending on the amount of people you're cooking for.  

I truly loved this idea, this post and video weren't sponsored, Gousto just provided the box for us to try.  I've been so enthusiastically telling every single person I know so that they can experience it for themselves.  

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