Thursday, 3 July 2014

My Favourite Nail Tutorials 1

I thought I'd start a little series of nail tutorials from others that I really like.  As time has gotten on I haven't got as much time to watch You Tube as much as I used to.  I still watch beauty videos whilst I apply my make up in the morning and then a couple before I go to sleep but that's literally all I have time for.  

On the odd occasion though, a tutorial will catch my eye so I will set some time aside to watch it and that's where I thought it would be good to actually share a few really good tutorials every now and again to draw your attention to them and the You Tubers behind each one too.

The first video I wanted to show you is a collaboration by Fingernail Fixer and DivineByDesign.  It's two versions of a Sugar Skull using Shellac and Empower Nail Art.  I'm trying to not be biased as I genuinely like the design but... I actually filmed it for them!  It was filmed after everyone had gone from Holly's class at Creative Academy Manchester and I was playing the camerawoman as they didn't have a tripod!  

The other video I wanted to bring to your attention is how to do Sheer / Stained Glass Nails with Shellac by Sarah R.  This is something I've been looking into as I wanted to find a way that meant you didn't need to mix Shellac shades but for the time being, this version is fantastic.

That's all for today's post but I will definitely do these every now and again when something catches my eye!

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