Tuesday, 15 July 2014

My Work: Widnes Vikings Rugby League Nails

Kerri is a huge Widnes Vikings Rugby League fan.  Her son is going to a special birthday event at the grounds that all of the parents are attending this weekend.  This is also the first match after the passing of one their biggest supporters, Pat Price.  Kerri tells me that to mark this sad occasion, they have asked everyone to wear black and white so she wanted to have her nails done especially.

widnes vikings rugby league nails pat price liverpoollashes 

I'm not a football or rugby fan so I went off what Kerri gave me to creative the chevron on all nails apart from her ring fingers to represent their kit using Shellac Cream Puff and Black Pool over her 'acrylic' nails.  On her right hand the ring finger is their logo and on her left hand the ring finger is their viking, Kerik.  

I love doing something a bit different, although I had virtually no idea what any of this was Kerri seemed very pleased and that's all that matters!

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