Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Watermarking Part 2: My LiverpoolLashes Picture Dome

Picture/nail domes, some may of heard of these yet, some maybe not but after the whole incident last week with the stealing of my photographs by some overseas websites, I was at my wits end.  It makes me a little rattled to say the least that people think it's acceptable to steal people's photographs and pass them off as their own without even so much as a credit to the original source.

Kindly Jo, the lovely owner of Picture Dome saw my mini rant on my Facebook Page and contacted me with an offer to create my own picture dome.  The idea behind these unique creations is that your client holds it so that your logo is right in the centre of the photograph with your work (the nails, of course) around it. 

They are available in a variety of shapes and colours.  Jo told me that she was 'up for the challenge' of any suggestions I had for mine (famous last words Jo!)  She's got a wide range of glitters and as she's a nail tech herself, she also has certain CND Additives that she will happily incorporate into your dome too!


I will still use the mat I purchased (see blog post here) as I think it's a professional looking background for my photos and You Tube videos.  The downside to the mat is that someone with some photo shop knowledge could easily cut out the hands and blank out the background but with a picture dome in the centre of the photo it would prevent this.

If you have any queries please contact Jo directly by sending an email to thepicturedome@gmail.com.  Don't forget to like her Facebook Page - The Picture Dome.  I would highly recommend it getting one for your business!

* This post was not sponsored however the picture dome was provided because Jo thinks I'm funny and she knew how mad I was.

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