Monday, 28 July 2014

Watermarking Photos: My LiverpoolLashes Background Mat

Recently I've really had to step up my game with watermarking my photos and videos as much as possible.  Researching online, I Googled 'Shellac' and noticed that some overseas companies have screenshot some of my older videos of Shellac bottles, etc to use on their website!  I'm furious about it as they're no credit given to me at all so I have decided to be more aware.

A few days ago I decided enough was enough and looked on for my local printers.  I figured it might be a hassle but it would be worth it.  I asked them for an A3 sheet with my logo repeated all over it, laminated with matte laminating sheets.  They had me email it over and got to work on it.  An hour and a half later they emailed back to say it was done and ready to collect!

It couldn't have possibly been any more fuss free when I then went to collect it.  It opened my eyes about supporting local businesses, most of us would look to gaining what we want online for fear of it being too much hassle in person but it couldn't have been easier!  

I chose A3 as this is a large placemat size, there's no risk of having to get the photograph at a certain angle so that you cannot see the edges of the mat at this size.  I asked for a matte finish as otherwise the light I use to take photographs with often reflects in the shine otherwise so this is something to bare in mind.  I also chose for the logo to be in grey and not black as I felt like this was less distracting.

A final thing to think of is that unfortunately, someone with a little bit of photo shop knowledge and some time on their hands can still steal your image as they can simply cut out the background so it's worth still adding a watermark close to the nails / centre of the photograph.


With that being said, I'm really pleased with the final result, I think it look professional and it means all of my photograph will be consistant. 

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