Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Foil Haul

I decided to treat myself to more foils that I didn't really need!  I have loads of foil but I really wanted to look for a few that I didn't already have.  If you buy four then you get one free when you buy from Jennysellsfoils so I thought I'd show you what I got!

I have got a Shellac Foils video where it shows you the basic method, click here to watch it.

Sidenote: I've just checked the seller has since gone away for a week or so so she hasn't currently got any listings up but made a note of the name / this post as she does have some fantastic ones!

Left to right on the above photo are:

Laserlight Lilac
Electric Blue Dazzle

'Firework' was the one that I was given free which is fine and hopefully I shall use it but I also received these small samples of different foils which is a fantastic idea as I know want another roll of one of them too!

I love red foils and it's something I have to struggle to not do everything I re-do my nails but the two on the left of the above photograph I can't really see many of my clients choosing either of them.  

The blue butterfly foil (above) and the transparent flowers (below) are pretty.  You would have to be very careful to ensure the full print is transferred correctly.

Finally there is the twinkling foil... ahhh she knew I would fall in love, hook, line and sinker!  It's completely transparent with tiny silver holographic stars with larger twinkling stars dotted about.  I need to get a full roll of this as soon as the seller returns back from holiday and her shop is back full of listings!!

Here is my basic foil video:

Here is my patterned foil video:

I hope this has given you inspiration for your purchases / encouraged you to buy more foils when you probably already have loads of them!


  1. LOVE the patterned foil video!!! The blue one you did and the gold one you showed after are my favorites, thanks for showing us :)

  2. Hi Karen what's the seller's name on ebay I searched for jennysellsfoils and nothing came up TIA


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