Thursday, 21 August 2014

Independent Woman

I was invited by salon owner Stacey Melia to enjoy some beauty treatments and experience their service at Independent Woman in Huyton, Liverpool.  I was extremely excited as Independent Woman won the "Best Salon" award at last month's Liverpool Fashion and Beauty Awards that I attended and it's easy to see why.  It was an utter treat actually go somewhere and be pampered as if you're a therapist yourself, you're so used to do that for other people!!

independent woman huyton liverpool lashes blogger beauty scouse scouser bird

Today was finally the day of my appointment and the moment I stepped through the door I felt welcome by the three full time staff, Stacey, Jenny and Fay. 

independent woman huyton liverpool stacey melia liverpoollashes lashes blogger semi permenent lashes

I sat on this huge corner group sofa with these amazing cushions on (pictured below) and waited for my appointment.  I know this might be a little strange to some people but what I like is that you can't really be seen through the salon window, the nail desks and beauty room are a little further back so you don't feel like you're in a goldfish bowl as you wait!!

liverpoollashes stacey melia independent woman

They have the entire range of Shellac shades which I find is pretty rare and a loads of choices of glitters all neatly displayed in their colour families.

independent woman huyton stacey melia l14 0lx best salon award fab crown plaza liverpoollashes

First up was Jenny going my semi permanent eyelashes.  I don't want to say what originally happened to me when I trained in Hollywood Lashes but put it this way, the student made an error.  It was this very reason that made me choose to have semi permanent lashes done at Independent Woman because I knew that they would be top notch and that I would be going to someone who knew what they were doing.  I love lashes, hence the username!!  They've been "my thing" for over five years now and they just make me happy. 

Jenny matched me up to the correct lash to my natural lash and a length was decided.  You do need a glue test 24 hours before this treatment, after all we all talking about your eyes and it's important  that this is done.

semi permanent lashes liverpool hollywood lash false extensions

I am ecstatic with the finished result!  They're just beautiful!  They took Jenny around an hour and a half in total for the prep and application and I knew all the way through that she was a complete master at them.  

independent woman swarovski crystal pedicure stacey melia liverpoollashes lashes blogger scouse scouser

Then it was onto a Swarovski Crystal pedicure.  This was something I hadn't experienced before but had heard so much about them!  Stacey used Shellac as a base along with an amazing holographic silver glitter.  She told me that this was because if I was accidentally knock a stone away you simply wouldn't be able to tell as the sparkles would be there to mask it.

She next applied the crystals perfectly in alignment and set them into place like the true expert that she is.  When they finished my toes were then treated to CND Solar Oil to nourish them.

Like I said in the very first paragraph, this well deserved award winning salon has it all, friendly staff and a nice atmosphere along with quality beauty treatments performed to the highest standard which I would highly recommend.

If you want to try it for yourself why not see what they're all about?

92 Page Moss Lane, Huyton, L14 0LX 
0151 489 7093

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  1. Great post! I live quite close to Liverpool so will definitely have a look at this salon :)
    Hayley x

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