Friday, 1 August 2014

Interview With Samantha Faiers For Debut Fragrance La Bella

I was lucky enough to be to able to interview Samantha Faiers for her debut fragrance, La Bella - enjoy!

Samantha Sam Faiers TOWIE Debut fragrance La Bella

I believe "La Bella" means the beautiful in Italian, what made you choose it for the name of your perfume?
I wanted my debut fragrance to represent me, so I chose La Bella which means 'the beautiful' in Spanish and Italian. Growing up I lived in Spain, and my grandparents still live out there ­ it's like a second home.

How would you describe the scent?
It's quite sweet, but it's not sickly sweet. It has my favourite scents, vanilla, iris flower and benzion at the heart with a bed of glamorous musk laced with a luscious caramel in the base notes.

What sort of person can you imagine wearing it? Someone in their teens? Their twenties perhaps?
My following is quite young but I wanted the fragrance to be across all ages.  To me it represents sophistication and can be worn everyday as well as being classy and elegant.

I love to layer my perfume with matching lotions and shower gels, will there be any for La Bella?
Yes, the La Bella range is going to expand to other products so watch this space!

Sam Samantha Faiers Debut fragrance La Bella TOWIE

The bottle is gorgeous! How did you come up with the style of it?
I wanted the bottle to look luxurious and my inspiration for it was that I wanted it to look great on a dressing table!

Will Minnie's Boutique be stocking it?
Yes soon, everyone at Minnie's loves the fragrance as well!

Sam Samantha Faiers debut perfume La Bella

Just a few off topic questions because I know my followers will be interested, what are your three beauty products that you can't live without - I'd love some recommendations from you!
I leave my hair wet with Moroccan Oil in it while I do my makeup, then I use my Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl, which gives me a loose curl. I¹m useless at doing my hair without it. I always use an oil-based exfoliator from head to toe, so my body feels silky and then cover myself in Nivea Soft moisturiser! I also use Clarins Beauty Flash Balm for my face before makeup.

Sam Faier debut perfume La Bella TOWIE

Congratulations also on becoming an auntie!  How are you enjoying it?

She is adorable, we all love her so much!

Sam is going to be at The Fragrance Shop at Liverpool One from 2 o'clock tomorrow, Saturday 2nd August, signing for her debut fragrance, La Bella. 

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