Sunday, 24 August 2014

Nail Of The Day: Black Shimmer With Foils

Following on from my post yet all about Shellac Shelf Sitters, this week I decided to have another go at using the less loved shades to create a design for my nails.  I wanted to include some foils from my 'Foil Haul' somehow as well.

I eventually decided on Overtly Onyx on all nails.  I then removed the sticky layer from every other nail and used Waterpark and Lilac Longing to create a random swirly design.  After curing that for two minutes I applied some foils.


I really enjoy the effect of the two colours together on the patterned nails and Overtly Onyx is a stunning shade for those who enjoy the darker colours.  Shellac Shelf Sitters - Mission two: complete...!!

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