Saturday, 13 September 2014

LiverpoolLashes Sponsorship September Nail Art Challenge Day 13 Animal Print

It all started with the lovely Victoria asking for me to do this nail art challenge and she would donate £10 to a charity of my choice.  As both my Nanna and Grandad suffered with cancer, my chosen charity is Cancer Research UK.  When I announced it, more kind people added to Victoria's initial contribution so I have set up a Just Giving Page, if anyone can spare a donation of any amount of shrapnel I would be more than appreciative.  In return I shall be doing this challenge every single day throughout September on here and this is what I am going to be doing:

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Today's challenge is animal print which is fun but admittedly, nothing I would normally wear.  I therefore decided to see if I could come up with a more neutral animal print design. 

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I applied OPI Designer De Better to my full nails and used OPI Barefoot In Barcelona to created a centre stripe down the nail and then drew my animal print on it.

This side photo probably isn't the best but it shows that the pale gold shade just makes an interesting border down the sidewalls and I know that I would actually wear this.
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I hope you've enjoyed reading this post  If anyone can spare a donation of any amount, I would be more than appreciative and it can be paid securely through my Just Giving Page.  Thanks in advance!

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