Sunday, 5 October 2014

20 Random Facts 1

As my blog grows I want you to have a sense of my personality and who I am so today's post is 20 random facts about me!

1.  I am obsessed with candles, in particular the Bath & Body Works 3 Wick candles.  I swear that they are the best home fragrance as they smell all over the house.

2.  I'm right handed.

3.  I used to think I was allergic to sunshine because whenever I walk into strong sunlight I always sneeze.

4.  I adore everything cat related, I am a true cat lady!

5. My first crush was when I was around 6 or 7 and it was the boy who lived opposite.  I remember asking my mum whether you could marry someone who lived in the same road!

6.  I very rarely have bare feet.  I literally go from slippers to shoes and back to slippers again.  Even in bed I always have something on my feet.

7.  I wasn't the child that would climb trees or anything.  I would get a foot off the floor and feel like I was going to fall and break an arm!

8.  My favourite vegetable is broccoli but recently green beans has been a close second.

9.  My all time disliked food is cucumbers.  No one in my family likes them, not does my husband either.  I hate the smell of them as well.  Actually funnily enough I didn't realise that the Shellac Nourishing Remover had a cucumber scent until my husband pointed out that there was a disgusting smell about.

10.  I find it really difficult to look at a colour and not automatically translate it to a Shellac shade.  I look at cars and I think 'oh that's like Rubble' or whatever.

11.  I love lists!  Lists are the way forward for big arrangements so that I feel calm and I haven't forgotten anything.

12.  My favourite Disney princess was The Little Mermaid.

13.  I adore the sound of crickets as it reminds me of our trips to Florida when I was little. it's so calming.

14.  Wasps give me the creeps.  I don't like that they are fairly silent and just seem to appear some no one.  So far though, I've not been stung.

15.  I once boarded a ferry to Dublin, stayed there for 45 minutes and came back.  This story needs a blog post for itself but it's definitely a random fact.

16.  I have a totally irrational fear of going down a fully enclosed slide in a water park and getting stuck.  Even just typing that gives me the creeps.
17.  I would love to visit every State, so far I have been to seven of them so I only have another forty three to go...!

18.  Despite being on long haul flights all of my life including The Maldives, I hate flying.  I hate the enclosed space.  I hate their horrible toilets which make you feel the need to hold onto something when they flush just incase it sucks you in.  Finally I hate turbulence.  My husband is a bit of a plane enthusiast so I always look to him and he nods knowingly.  This probably wasn't made any better by the time we had to divert to Munich and the person in the seat behind me fainted and the person next to them muttered under their breath 'this is like a scene out of Air Crash Investigation.'

19.  Without sounding like a total loner, I quite enjoy my own company.  I enjoy working from home with the mix of clients as well as working on online projects by myself and then chilling before my husband comes home from work.

20.  If I had to pick a favourite colour I couldn't give you a definite answer as it switches from blue (like Shellac Cerulean Sea) or Red (Shellac Wildfire)

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