Monday, 27 October 2014

How To Do A Shellac Turquoise Stone Nail - The Easy Way!

Some might think that turquoise stone nails are only for summer.  To me, autumn and winter are the time for dark shades and jewelled effect designs.  The truth be known, I wanted to come up with an idea to use my CND Additive in Black as if I'm honest as it's the one I neglect. 
Having watched various techniques over the summer which involved a sponge, cellotape, water, nail polishes and hairspray, I wanted to find a quicker method to get a similar result but more practical for a busy salon.

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes how to do a shellac turquiose stone nail the easy way pro beauty blogger
So, I shall tell you what I did!!
  • Apply a base coat and cure.
  • Apply a colour coat and cure (I used CND Shellac in Cerulean Sea.)
  • Apply a second colour coat but do not cure.
  • I then took a dotting tool, I dipped it into the pot of CND Additive in Black and then I flicked it onto the uncured Shellac to create a random speckled effect.
  • I took a piece of the backing from a sculpting form and I patted it into the nail a few times which spread the Additive out.
  • I finally cured the colour coat, applying the top coat, curing and removing the sticky layer.
I'm so pleased with the result, it was a quick but beautiful effect that would be great with black nails or perhaps purple nails.  You could also use this method to create other interesting designs with different colours but I highly recommend you stick with CND Additives that are actual pigments as the more sheer shades and glitters aren't quite as effective.
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