Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My Top 10 Lecente Glitters

Lecente Stardust Collection
I thought I would make today's post my top ten Lecente glitters.  I figured it can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming to choose colours so I would put out my recommendations to help you.

Let's just get this out there straight away, without a doubt I would highly recommend their new Stardust collection.  If you've somehow missed that post with all of my photos with swatches, click here to read it.  On their own and together that are absolutely stunning so I figured if I included them in my top ten it would only leave five spaces for other colours!

Darkest Pink Holographic Glitter

Exactly as the name suggests this  stunning magenta, pink/purple is literally mind blowing.  I love the holographic elements make this beautiful glitter even more interesting and a such a highly popular shade with clients.

Deep Red Holographic Glitter

I suppose you could class this as a deep red but for me it's Dorothy's shoes from The Wizard Of Oz.  Unlike Darkest Pink Holographic glitter it's somehow a little less holographic which I love for the type of colour it is.  There is a holograph red but I prefer the deeper version. 

Showgirl Multi Glitz Glitter

Although this is from their new collection, it's already a favourite amongst myself and my clients.  Showgirl is a bright purple with a hint of blue and a pinch of gold.  This glitter is crowd pleaser and very easily adored by all age ranges.

Femme Multi Glitz Glitter

I'd say that Femme is that perfect mix of the lightness of a duck egg blue and then the dark glimmers of a black holographic sparkle.  The mix of light and dark means it appeals to a wide range of clients.  I have some that will only entertain light shades and some that only appreciate darker nails but this glitter meets in the middle of that for them all.

Violet Ultra Fine Glitter

I chose this glitter because of the perfect Cadbury's purple.  You need this one for amazing colour combinations and fades!

Lavender Holographic Glitter

You know when something is that amazing that you buy it again accidentally as you're drawn to it again?  Yes I did that with this one!  This beautiful lilac shade is good for full nail coverage, a glitter ombre effect or make a paste with it for gorgeous nail art.

Rhubarb Ultra Fine Glitter

Rhubarb is another new edition to the range but it's the exact type that I love, the ones that change the colour underneath when they are are applied.  For those of you who are Shellac users, this glitter is a very simular shade to the discontinued colour Iced Coral.  It has a peach with a hint of a green undertone with the same sheerness to allow the colour underneath to shine through perfectly, creating endless colour combinations.

She Devil Multi Glitz Glitter

This glitter is an absolute must.  If you don't own it, you need to.  I would literally say it almost seems like a fifty/fifty mix of blue and purple but it's just absolutely perfect.  

Candy Pink Ultra Fine Glitter

I swear this glitter contains actual magic.  If you put this over a dark shade like Shellac Midnight Swim the pink dispears and out pops blues and green shimmers.  I just can't explain it but it's definitely magic.

Capri Irredecent Glitter

Capri is another one of those amazing multi purpose glitters like Rhubarb that's semi sheer giving that hint of irredecent amazingness over any colour that you pair it with.

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  1. These are lovely!! I understand CND distributes Lecente. Do you know if they are cosmetic grade like the CND additives?


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