Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Nail Of The Day: Cherry Apple Nails

I've had something in my mind for my nails for a little while so when I returned back from Florida I was keen to remove my Minnie and Mickey nails to make my thoughts actually happen.  The truth is, I'm unsure if I've drawn a very big cherry or a juicy apple but either way, I'm pleased!

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I applied CND Shellac in Black Pool to all nails apart from the ring finger which I painted in Cream Puff.  I then apply the discontinued Shellac shade, Mother Of Pearl over my index and ring finger, if you don't have this then you could sprinkle a little glitter or an additive like Sizzling Sands over it.  My index finger has Cheeky Plate B on it in white and I drew the cherry apple with Red Baroness, Cream Puff, Lush Tropics, Faux Fur and Blackpool.

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