Sunday, 30 November 2014

First Impressions: INK London iLac Gel Polish

Today's post is a really exciting one as it's my very first impressions of INK London iLac Gel Polish.  One of my followers recommended it and I said that if I was going to try it, I would need to get the full system so that I could test it properly and provide a completely fair review for you.  To my surprise, someone else got contact with INK London to tell them I was interested in their brand, who therefore contacted me directly to offer to send the products so that I could test it for review.  
I always want to be complete completely transparent with my reviews and therefore, I did make Lee at INK London aware that if there were any issues with the product then I would also point out during the review.  I have to say that the response given by Lee blew me away because he simply said that it wouldn't be a fair review if I only pointed out the positives so in his words he told to tell you all the good, the bad and the ugly.  He even insisted that he sent me a 'pot luck' mix of colours and not necessary their biggest sellers so that I could see the quality of the products and not just be blinded by a beautiful colour which I also thought was a good, fair way of doing a review.
I have therefore started to put together a video which so far is just the application.  Once I've worn it for a reasonable amount of time, I'm then going to return to film the second section of the video where I will show you how it lasted and give you my overall thoughts of the product.  In today's post I just want to put out there my initial impressions but I also wanted to invite you to ask any questions about this product as I don't hear enough spoken about it.  I can then forward these questions to INK London and get the answers for you.  If you do have a question, please leave it on my Facebook page as a comment below the link to this post.
INK London iLac Gel Polish in I-31 liverpoollashes liverpool lashes beauty blogger
INK London iLac Gel Polish
So far, my first thoughts (obviously I've not worn iLac for long or removed this yet) but, the application was really easy I found that the brush was fairly good quality and easy to control.  All of the coats went on really smooth, I got full coverage with two colour coats.  The scent of it was just like a regular nail polish, stronger than CND Shellac but not offensive.  Something I noticed immediately is that iLac has a really glossy finish.  It doesn't required buffing of the natural nail on application or buffing for removal which is a massive bonus for me as I think that both are a faff.  The only negatives I've found are more nit-picks, like the Cuticle Eraser would be better with a dropper than a brush to apply it for hygiene reasons.

In my full review I'm going to be talking about comparing the product consistency to other brands, comparing the longevity, talking about the packaging and the colour selection, my overall thoughts as a product and of course, if I recommend it.  The moment that video is ready to go - I shall let you know via my Facebook page.  I'm extremely excited to see how it lasts on my nails and the removal as it's all looking really promising!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

October and November 2014 Favourites

Its seems like forever that I did a favourite's blog post and video.  As I was in Florida in October I didn't really wear a lot of make up due to the heat so this is why this months post is combined for October and November. 
Virtually everything I have mentioned I have literally used on a daily basis so it shows you how much I love them.  The star product of the month  is the Kiehl's serum which I explain in the video.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Wheat Bags

CND Shellac is known for its easy removal, users of it like myself have been completely spoilt.  The one thing that this colder weather does however is slightly slow down the process as the acetone or Shellac Nourishing Remover can make the clients hands cold.  We were taught in college removing enhancements that acetone needs to be warmed to active the molecules and get everything working efficiently. 

livepoollashes liverpool lashes wheat bags shellac removal

I read that a couple of techs use wheat bags and as they are as little as £1.79 in my local Wilkinsons, I decided to pick two up and try it for myself.  

I use my ProTipClips (click here for demonstration) and then I simply wrap the heated bag from the microwave around my fingers or toes.  I still allow the same specified time but the warmth of the bag really accelerates the entire process and I find that the Shellac lifts off even easier.

I do think that the wheat bags make it a more comfortable experience for the client as well, particularly on their toes which are typically colder anyway with the acetone / Shellac Nourishing a Remover applied.

I highly recommend that you spend the couple of pounds to try it for yourself, I think you'll be impressed!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Minx Coat Review, Demonstration & Removal

When I was offered a trial pack of Minx Coat, I was totally sceptical and I'm not going to lie about it - the concept sounded too good to be true.  I was never a Minx nail tech, I had decided to invest in Shellac rather than Minx a long time ago so I was dubious to try something else from them.  When I discovered that Minx Coat didn't require a special device or virtually any 'investing,' I must admit slightly warmed to it a little more.  I have made a demonstration video of the application and removal linked at the end of this post, as well as here.
The concept is that it is a peel off protective coat designed to go under regular polish, gel polish or enhancements.  With regular and gel polish you replace your base coat with it, then your colour coats and finish with your top coat.  When it's time to remove them, you can simply peel them away.

Once I'd looked at the very basic instructions, I realised that it was virtually identical in application to full coverage Dashing Diva which I had fallen in love with in early summer.

To apply Minx Coat, you prepare your nails as usual, cuticle work, filing and I used CND Scrubfresh to ensure the nail plates were squeaky clean.  Then you are to measure the sheet up to your nail under you find the perfect size, insuring that the Minx Coat goes right up to the sidewalls without touching.

Once you have applied it as shown in the video I have made and it's smoothed into place, you then take a high grit file and use it to remove the excess section of the sheet.  Your Minx Coat application is complete! 

The above photo is the very first nail that I did using Minx Coat (ring finger.)  The only tricky part to this product is smoothing it around the sidewalls and I hold my hands up admitting to you that I rushed the middle and index fingers so the edge slightly creased at one section.  You definitely need to take your time smoothing it down, little by little which I did no problems on the ring and little fingers.

I actually like the look of it as it is and I'm sure that you would get a decent amount of time out of it as it is, however I then proceeded to apply two coats of CND Shellac Red Baroness, the Shellac Top Coat and finishing with removing the sticky layer.  Minx Coat will work with any gel polish or enhancement brand.

To remove Minx Coat I used an orange stick to lift one of the sidewalls and then used my pointed tweezers to gently peel it away from the nail plate.  Let me tell you now that this bad boy sticks really well.  If you watch the video closely you can see that I really am pulling it away.  The adhesion is so good that I can't imagine that anyone would ever have lifting problems with it but equally despite the strength, it doesn't damage the nail at all.

I really think that Minx Coat is a genius idea.  It allows clients who don't want to return for removal or do the process of removal at home, a chance to be able to remove it themselves - damage-free - without the need for acetone. 


I do think it will work well as a temporary repair system for the clients who don't want a full on overlay on a ripped nail.  I do often have clients who don't want to have to cut it short as it's a special occasion but need something to protect it until it grows out a little.

The above photo is my nails after the removal of Minx Coat which are completely healthy.  I had high hopes with the concept and I'm pleased to say that it lived up to expectation.  I'm going to be purchasing the full pack which is actually really reasonably priced (as this is a public website I cannot reveal trade prices.)  It's an essential for any nail technician's kit for repairs in particular and in option for your own nails and your clients' for those who want an instant, no-fuss removal.  Minx Coat is available through Sweet Squared and their distributor partners, Creative Academy+ Manchester.
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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My Christmas Wish List & Gift Ideas

To be frank, this post is partly for amusement as it takes me back to my childhood.  My mum would sit me down with the Argos and Index catalogues and I would write down the numbers for every doll on each page.  Being absolutely honest, there is nothing I need, I have a roof over my head, food on the table and an overall happy life.  That aside, I thought it would be good to write a Christmas list so my husband has "subtle" hints of the direction I was hoping for him to go in and also, it may give you present ideas for your friends and family.    

Photo courtesy of Jo Malone
So let's get started with my fantasy Christmas list.  The choosing every doll from the catalogue has been replaced by me saying that I would be delighted with anything from Jo Malone.  The only scent I'm really not keen on is Peony & Blush Suede.  My favourites are Blackberry & Bay or Sea Salt & Wood Sage.  Last year my husband got me their Cologne Collection five piece gift set with the various miniatures which is so handy as you get to try various sets and these sets are only available at Christmas time.  I'm very keen to their their more intense gift set which, as expected is more expensive but I'm sure it's gorgeous.

Something I totally forgot to buy in the States as it would have been a little cheaper was Glam Glow Thirsty Mud.  I hear that it smells amazing and is a fantastic way to hydrate your skin.  I already like their Youth Mud so I'd love to try that one as well.

Swarovski Crystal studs are always welcome, I'd actually prefer Swarovski Crystal to diamonds!  I literally don't have many earrings at all, probably about five sets which are all Swarovski.

Laura Mercier Petite Patisserie Body Crème Collection have been something I've been extremely interested in as a complete luxury item.  I hear that they're gorgeous and would truly be a treat for the skin after a long bath.  As it's been suggested before, if you have a group of friends they'd be equally as good to buy the set and split it between six people making them seven pounds fifty each.

Photo courtesy of Muji
Next up is the Muji Aroma Difuser which I've contemplated treating myself to every time I visit the Trafford Centre and passed their section of Selfridges.  The fragrances are lovely as it billows out of the machine in such an attractive fashion.  You can get the small or the large version, I believe the small version will do for most rooms and I think I would enjoy it in my bedroom along with the lemongrass scent and various other citrus and relaxing scents.  I know that this will be extremely calming with the combination of be light as well as the fragrance would make it brilliant for a friend or family member or even your therapy room.  I think this would be a thoughtful gift if you know someone who struggles to sleep as it makes the room tranquil.

I wouldn't mind a little something from Hotel Chocolat.  A couple of years ago my friend got me a selection bag of theirs with a delicious chocolate wreath and various other goodies in their Christmas Goody Bag and it was something different.  Hotel Chocolat is such a fancy treat and with their selection packs they do you can truly get anything.  May I suggest their chocolate fudge which I tried more recently and is mind blowing!!

Lush is always a winner too.  Although I like their gift sets, I must admit I like the more practical presents and would prefer a pot of their Big Shampoo which is amazing to get your hair squeaky clean and a little volume.  I do love their massage bars and highly recommend you get a tin for it!  If you're looking to get someone a Christmas Eve present then I think it's nice to get them Pyjamas and a Christmas bath bomb as they always do really festive ones.

I'd love to have a new pair of boot style slippers.  I basically live the whole year in boot style slippers apart from the rare summer days that I would literally melt in them.  I'm not too much of a slipper snob but I do appreciate a good quality boot so normally the ones Boots do (no pun intended) on three for two are normally pretty good.  

A little random but I'd rather like to receive Urban Decay Ultra Nourishing Lip Gloss in "Naked."  They have a non sticky texture and a slight minty taste which is really refreshing.  For an eyeshadow lover like myself, the Naked Palettes are fantastic (but I do have all three Rob so please don't get me another!) 

Gift vouchers are always welcome in my opinion.  I love being able to treat myself after Christmas Day because after all, the person who gave you them truly gets the best out of their money (and you benefit of course) because everything you buy will be in the sales.  A couple of suggestions for gift cards would be Next, MAC, New Look, Boots, ASOS, Amazon, Debenhams or whatever the person's favourite clothing store is.
I wanted to mention a couple of recommendations of where to look online that I have sometimes found a perfect present...

If you want to get someone a really beautiful gift set then I highly recommend you check out Origins or Liz Earle.  If you're not sure if the person has sensitive skin then definitely Liz Earle is the way to go as all of her products are suitable for all skin types.

A fantastic website for unique gifts is which is brilliant for personalised presents.  It was my parent's 40th wedding anniversary this year so I ordered an artist to draw the church they married in to celebrate.  There are definitely a lot of really thoughtful presents on there.

Find Me A Gift is also another good website to find something perfect and in some cases, a little bit quirky too and there are some personalised options too.
I do find Accessorize to be a good website for stocking fillers such as purses, jewellery and scarves which are reasonably priced and there is a lot to choose from, depending on the recipient's personal taste.

Although I don't always agree with the morals of it, you could look for a bargain on Groupon in terms of an experience, a hotel or a spa break.
A little trick of mine is to go onto websites such as Amazon or Ebay and type in random words of things that the person might like.  For example, if your dad is a big Harley Davidson fan then type that in and you might find something that he would like or it might help you get ideas by brainstorming it.
I hope you've found this post useful and it's given you a few ideas!  Obviously I won't be getting everything I've mentioned but I just wanted to give you some suggestions to get you thinking!  Whatever you buy remember to shop around as there is always deals to be had!  Sign up to as well to get paid to shop on most of the stores I've mentioned - it's worth it!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

CND Shellac Hot Chillis Layering Combinations

I love to try and find new layering combinations for you all so today's post is my search for some fun ones with CND  Shellac in Hot Chillis.  I know I bang on about Shellac Shelf Sitters but I knew I would be even more pleased if I found some good ones using those colours so I'm delighted to say that I tried to come up with some crazy combinations and I've fallen in love with a Shelf Sitter combination!!

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes cnd shellac hot chillis layering combinations pro beauty blogger
The colours are (left to right with Hot Chillis over)
Faux Fur, Indigo Frock, Limeade, Electric Orange, Bicycle Yellow, Burnt Romance, Tango Passion, Plum Paisley

The colour that I have fallen head over heels for is Faux Fur with Hot Chillis over but a close second place would be either Indigo Frock or Plum Paisley over Hot Chillis.

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes cnd shellac hot chillis layering combinations pro beauty blogger
The colours are (left to right with Hot Chillis over)
Faux Fur, Indigo Frock, Limeade & Electric Orange

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes cnd shellac hot chillis layering combinations pro beauty blogger
The colours are (left to right with Hot Chillis over)
Bicycle Yellow, Burnt Romance, Tango Passion, Plum Paisley

It's all about experimenting with Shellac so that your clients always see something fresh and new.  I know part of my clients experience is that at every appointment I have something new, I don't mean a new purchase but even just a new concept or idea.  
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Monday, 24 November 2014

Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp

I am more than aware that we are coming up to the end of November so at this point, flip flops and summer weather have long gone and in some minds, feet have gone into hibernation for the winter, but not for me.  

The ridiculous amount of walking I did in Florida last month has resulted in some rather unattractive hard skin, let's call a spade a spade here!  I've had my Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp for around 18 months now and after converting from a few various other foot accessories, it blows my mind how good this bad boy is - its incredibly satisfying!

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes nail technician microplane colossal pedicure rasp
If and when I get a new client in for a pedicure they're always impressed with how well it works.  I appreciate this is not the nicest image that I can give you but I think they can also see how good it is from the couch roll below their foot (there, I've said it - now think of cute kittens or something to dispel that thought!) 
These rasps would make a good retail product as almost every client tells me 'they need one of those!'  They do do a retail version which I haven't used.  To be brutally honest, it's smaller and although I'm sure it would do just as good a job, the price difference really isn't that much so I would probably just retail the full sized version. 
Anyway, I know this is a totally random post but after doing my own feet with it last night and it's likely that there are a few followers who are currently doing a pedicure course at this time of year, I figured I'd mention is anyway. 
Sidenote: If you're not a pink fan it is also available in brown here.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

My Work: Blue Stripe Enhancements

Yesterday I had a little bit of play with some striping tape and ended up creating the faded stripes that I posted about yesterday (click here to read the tutorial)  Rachael was booked in for today and as I knew she had seen my post yesterday, I had a little bet with myself that she would want the faded stripes and I was right!
I actually did something a little bit different than usual and the blue used for the tips was a mix of CND Additive in 'Deep Blue' and acrylic powder.  I then mixed CND Shellac in Clearly Pink with CND Additive in ' Pave Diamonds' for the dots along the smile line.  CND Shellac in Cream Puff was applied and cured to the ring fingers.  The shades I used for the stripes were CND Additive in Pave Diamonds, Amethyst Flash and Midnight Tide using the method here.
I do feel like I say this about every set but I really adore the colours and overall design of these nails.  The mix of the different coloured stripes compliment each other perfectly and I think Rachael was delighted!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Faded Stripes

I love playing around with my Additives, I know at first many were a little daunted about what to actually do with them but you really have to just let your imagination run wild.  I had this idea in my head of different shades faded into each other, broken up by stripes.

I took CND Shellac Indigo Frock, cured two coats and then applied the striping tape evenly spaced out as that was the result I wanted but I think it would be interesting for them to be random sized stripes too.
I choose three CND Additives that I thought would do well together but equally that they were not similar as I wanted a definite colour change between them.

I applied the colours with a small brush but a little bit more than needed so that it naturally fell either side of the striping tape, creating a natural blend of colours with minimal effort.

Here is what I ended up with.  This is probably another amazing idea for Shellac Shelf Sitters because you can only see a glimpse of the gorgeous Indigo Frock underneath anyway.
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Friday, 21 November 2014

My Work: Classic French Manicure

I have to say, I virtually have no call for the classic French manicure in either polish or Shellac in the past few years.  It was only when I was doing my Mum's nails for a special occasion I decided to give it a bash for practice as it's been so long. 
To be fair I was mainly concerned that Shellac Cream Puff would wrinkle as that's half the battle!  I also used Shellac Beau and Konad plate M26 for the ring finger detail along with a tiny dot of glitter polish to the centre of each flower.
Although French manicures aren't something I would wear myself, I can appreciate how classic and timeless they are for others.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

How To Do Full Coverage Nail Foils

It's no secret that my current obsession is nail foil.  Having recently sorted out my shelves in my home salon, I'm delighted to have them all displayed proudly.
liverpoollashes liverpool lashes best north west pro beauty blogger how to do full coverage nail foilsI posted a photo of a colour pop with full coverage nail foil on my Facebook page and some comments said that they struggle to get full coverage so I have put together a nail tutorial to show how I achieve it along with hints and tips as well as how to fix any issues with transferring.

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful!  Please don't forget to follow my Facebook Page for future posts and tutorials!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Nail Foil Storage For Mobile Techs / Limited Space

I was raised to reuse and find new purposes for things, never to waste.  Last year, one of my favourite nail art websites closed down so I started to search for new stockists for my foils and glitters.  With the new suppliers my foils no longer have the pots included that I was used to receiving. 
Just like many other nail technicians, I have a little bit of an 'issue' with enjoying displays in a certain order with all of the pots the same as each other, where possible.  I did have a hard time trying to source the same pots as the original ones that held the bulk of my foils so if you need some yourself, they're here on this listing.

Anyway, whilst I waited for my forty pots to arrive (seriously!) I needed to come up with a solution which I then figured it would be perfect for those techs with limited space in a salon or working mobile.  I remember when I worked mobile I had three boxes of glitters.  As they were in their own individual pots and one time the client's little niece started playing with them as the client had them all out of the box trying to decide.  It was probably this reason why sometimes, my stock out get misplaced with tubs all over the place!

I kept an old tip box and removed the cardboard cover so it's completely clear.  I then put each foil in a different compartment.  I used the space up the side to put little odd pieces of foil in and add more than one roll to the larger compartments.  All of my large sheets also fit in lid space as well where as previously they'd been in the back of a drawer so that I could keep them flat.  I like the way they are all currently stored as it would be brilliant for a mobile tech as they can just get the box out, open the lid so that all of the foils are visible without having to have the client having to rummage through.  I equally like that the tip box was not really of any use to me so it gives it a purpose again - win win!
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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

CND Shellac Dazzling Dance Layering Combinations

Let's be frank, CND Dazzling Dance is a crowd pleaser.  It's a mix of a sheer, slightly blue toned with a purple sheen finished with a beautiful fine sparkle.  As it was limited edition as part of the Gilded Dreams Collection, I do hope you managed to get your mitts on it!

Since Dazzling Dance is sheer it's perfect for layering and I believe it will go with everything!  I wanted to put it with a few shades to give you an idea, please bare in mind that it does have a purple sheen to them that shouldn't be picked up on camera.  

liverpool lashes liverpoollashes cnd shellac dazzling dance layering combinations
(Left to Right - all with Dazzing Dance over it)
Blue Rapture, Dark Dahlia, Lobster Roll, Sultry Sunset, Serene Green, Satin Pajamas, Tango Passion and Lush Tropics

I wouldn't say that Dazzing Dance is a complete colour changer like the discontinued shade Iced Coral but it does add that certain something special.  I would say the biggest difference would be over the darker shades as this will show the purple tone the best.  Let me know what your favourite combination is!
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Monday, 17 November 2014

An Underrated Shellac Shade!

How many of us open our wardrobe doors and reach for the same outfits all of the time?  It's hilarious really as if you're anything like me, you'll probably have some amazing new clothes that still have their tags attached whilst the one you've reached for are probably well washed, a little bobbled even.  Where am I going with this?  It's exactly the same with your CND Shellac (or any other brand you use) I know I definitely do it!  You're sat at your nail desk, contemplating your new nails and you probably always gravitate towards the same certain shades - am I right?!
liverpool lashes liverpoollashes cnd shellac pretty poison gorgeous nails pro beauty blogger scouse
As I shared in yesterdays post (click here to read it) I mentioned that I used CND Shellac Pretty Poison under my foils since it would make no difference as it wouldn't be shown and also, it means that I can save a more popular colour for when it's actually needed.  My nails are currently shorter than usual as I had a few unfortunately incident, breaking some on one hand but when I applied Pretty Poison, despite them being shorter I really loved the colour. 

I see this shade as being an alternative to those clients who are after the darker nails but may need to have their attention drawn to it.  Pretty Poison reminds me a lot of a colour I used to have by OPI and when it's in normal daylight it looks close to black with a hint of green (Please note that the photo I've taken is under photography lighting can show the colour a little brighter than the average autumn/winter day)

I wanted to write this post to draw your attention to it.  It's no coincidence that your clients will often pick the colours you like as if they ask for a pink you will naturally show them your favourite shade of it.  If the client asks for a dark shade, why not make sure that this is one of the colours you show them?!  Green might not be your favourite colour but I have at least two clients that it's actually one of their favourite shades!  If you wanted an even darker version you could layer it over Black Pool or Overtly Onyx - whichever of those you use less!

The final point I want to make is that if your Pretty Poison has rarely or even never been used, it's the best bottle to use!  It will be a joy to apply as we all know that the well loved shades are likely to be a little thicker!

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Sunday, 16 November 2014

NOTD: Electric Blue Foils

Today's post is on my new nails that I did today.  After recently trialling the Ruby Wing Colour Changing Polishes (click here to read the review) it's finally time for me to get back to my Shellac.  
Recently I've been encouraging clients to get full coverage foils as I think they're stunning, everyone who tries them is always really happy with but I think it's just about taking the plunge with it for clients.  I figured that I couldn't be a good example if I didn't wear it occasionally myself although truth be known, I do also feel that it's expected of me to always wear something a little artistic on my my nails at all times!  

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes jennysellsfoils fabulousfoils gorgeous blue foil nails electric nail art

After struggling to decide between my entire collection of foils (princess problems or what?!) I finally picked Holographic Metallic Honeycomb Blue Foil which is absolutely stunning and exactly like the photos show.  I went automatically to reach for Shellac Midnight Swim to use as a base however I put my business head on and decided to use Shellac Shelf Sitter that was on the darker side, Pretty Poison which still worked just as well underneath.

I adore this shade of foil as it's a very 'mainstream' shade for those who don't want something seriously in your face but equally it's definitely something special.

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes jennysellsfoils fabulousfoils gorgeous blue foil nails electric nail art

I'm delighted with these nails and I know as soon as my clients see them, they'll soon be asking for them themselves!
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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Perfect For Nail Stamping! 2true Pro Metallica Nail Polishes

A long time ago I did a video on the normal polishes that I use for nail stamping (click here to watch it)  I do also normally use Konad Special Polish in Black and White however I've recently discovered that all of the CND Vinylux shades that I have all work with it too.  
That aside, me being me loves to offer the maximum amount of colour options to my clients so I decided to purchase the 2True Metallica nail polishes which are exclusive to Superdrug.  I bought all five shades which are currently on a 3 for 2 offer and they're seriously impressed when printing on anything from a white base right through to a black base.

2true Pro Metallica Nail Polish in 'Athena'

2true Pro Metallica Nail Polish in 'Aglaia'
2true Pro Metallica Nail Polish in 'Aphrodite'

2true Pro Metallica Nail Polish in 'Arete'

2true Pro Metallica Nail Polish in 'Artemis'

I actually couldn't be more happy with every one of the five shades.  I didn't think that I would be too keen on the lime green but when it's used with stamping it's beautiful!  I highly recommend these polishes for your stamping collection, especially if you can still purchase them on the 3 for two offer! 
If you're not in the UK / have access to Superdrug products, search your local drugstore for metallic polish ranges, I also believe that Avon had their own range of them fairly recently as they generally always work well for nail stamping.
The plate I used in this post was MoYou Princess Plate 14.  Please don't forget to follow me on Facebook to keep up to date with my posts!

Friday, 14 November 2014

Wet n Wild Glitter Shadow in Brass 352B

Today's post is on the Wet n Wild Glitter Shadow that I bought whilst in Ulta in Florida.  As I've said before, I have an obsession with sparkly eyelids so when I found this eyeshadow for 99 cents there was no way I was going to leave it behind.  There were two shades, a red glitter which was beautiful but not for my eye lids and this pale gold glitter in shade "Brass 352B"

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes wet n wild glitter shadow B352 Brass

To be brutally honest, I had virtually no expectations of how it would actually work but for the equivalent of 60p I would have been happy with anything!  This eyeshadow is not something that I would personally wear on it's own as it's a sheer glitter.  I did think that this would be the case with it so I always apply an eyeshadow underneath it for depth.

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes wet n wild glitter shadow B352 Brass

The bottom line is... I honestly can't believe the low price of it and that a company can even manufacture a product that makes a profit from 60p!  You literally can't go wrong with this shadow, its a bargain that can be used with all of my other shadows.

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes wet n wild glitter shadow B352 Brass

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Kiehl's at Debenhams LiverpoolONE & Product Update

Following on from my post dated Wednesday 8th October with my review of Kiehls Hydro-Plumping Retexturising Serum Concentrate, I wanted to update it with my results over six weeks on and also update you with where I have been today.  

Firstly, the update on the Kiehls Hydro-Plumping Retexturising Serum Concentrate because honestly as time has gone on it's given me better and better results, click here to read the original review. 
I have continued to use my bottle throughout my holiday in October and now that I'm home, I have been able to come back to the Kiehl's counter in Debenhams, LiverpoolONE where they tested my hydration levels again.  When I was originally tested, my hydration levels were 31 and when I returned a few weeks later it has risen to 36 however I am delighted to reveal that they are now 44 which proves that Kiehls Hydro-Plumping Retexturising Serum Concentrate really does make a difference. 
My skin feels so hydrated that I know, once I have used my bottle up I will definitely be repurchasing it.  I absolutely can't recommend it enough.
Now onto where I have been today which is back to the Kiehl's counter in LiverpoolONE as myself and my Mum were being treated to a VIP facial each. 
I can't think of a better way to be able to try new products than to have a facial using them, you can really see the amazing effects they can give your skin.  I've never really thought of doing anything like this before, I've done it to trial make up but not skincare for some reason?! 
Mum and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and Ellie who works at the Kiehl's counter has told me that in the New Year they hope to offer it as a service every so often which is really exciting!

If you have any skin concerns or need any advice I really recommend that you pop into the Kiehl's counter in Debenhams LiverpoolONE.  The staff there are a fountain of knowledge and really work to getting you help and assistance with real facts - no jargon.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Ruby Wing Colour Changing Nail Polish in Festival and Moonstone

Today's post is on the Ruby Wing Colour Changing Nail Polishes that I recently received to trial.  I have to admit, when I think of 'colour changing' products I instantly think of the little teddy bear pendant that I had when I was a child with the mood stone it and all of the mood stone rings people had.  That aside, I must admit that I wasn't sure how much I was actually going to enjoy the concept but I was extremely excited to try them.  What makes Ruby Wing unique is that it's created using SolarActive® Technology which means each shade dramatically changes in direct sunlight and then back again once inside.


Festival is a holographic  lilac/silver glitter when it's worn inside, once out in daylight it transforms into an amazing deep purple glitter.  I have to be honest I completely doubted that glitter could change colour - but it does fantastically well!  Even now I can't get my head around how it actually changes the colour of glitter!
Moonstone is a stunning Mediterranean turquoise shade with a slight shimmer when it's worn indoors and then when once you're out in daylight its an amazing deep navy/purple. 

The colour changing process will stay on the nails for around ten seconds once it's removed from the sunlight.

.After my initial scepticism, I couldn't of enjoyed wearing this polish more!  The glitter polish was exceptionally sparkly to the point where as I could compare the finish with CND Shellac.  I loved the combination of the shades together both inside and outside in the sunlight.  I do feel like in the winter months it's likely that your nails will stay the inside shades for the majority of the day but they do still gradually change throughout the day anyway.  I highly recommend that you try the Ruby Wing range which would also be fantastic over enhancements, I've already had quite a few interested clients from it!

Ruby Wing is available via Creative Academy+ Manchester for collection.  If you're outside of the north west, you can also order online as Sweet Squared.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Stila Eyeshadow in Kitten

Today's post is about a cult eye shadow which if you know anything about me, that I love doing my eye make up.  I'd fancied buying Stila Eyeshadow in Kitten for a long time after hearing that it's utterly perfect.  Admittedly this is actually my first proper Stila eyeshadow.
liverpoollashes liverpool lashes stila kitten eyeshadow pro beauty blogger
This eyeshadow is a peach / champagne shimmer shade.  It's duel purpose as it is also brilliant for a highlighter if it's used with a light hand.
liverpoollashes liverpool lashes stila kitten eyeshadow pro beauty blogger
The texture of this eyeshadow is creamy and extremely high quality.  I would compare it to the Urban Decay Naked palettes. 

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes stila kitten eyeshadow pro beauty blogger
It blends really easily and I will often use it on my inner tear duct to help lighten and brighten my eyes, particularly paired with bronze shades. 
liverpoollashes liverpool lashes stila kitten eyeshadow pro beauty blogger

The bottom line is... I do adore like eyeshadow.  It's fantastic quality and if you had some money to spare I would recommend that you purchase it.  However if you have the Urban Decay Naked 1 palette however you probably get by with the lighter shades in there.  I hope you've found this review helpful.