Tuesday, 18 November 2014

CND Shellac Dazzling Dance Layering Combinations

Let's be frank, CND Dazzling Dance is a crowd pleaser.  It's a mix of a sheer, slightly blue toned with a purple sheen finished with a beautiful fine sparkle.  As it was limited edition as part of the Gilded Dreams Collection, I do hope you managed to get your mitts on it!

Since Dazzling Dance is sheer it's perfect for layering and I believe it will go with everything!  I wanted to put it with a few shades to give you an idea, please bare in mind that it does have a purple sheen to them that shouldn't be picked up on camera.  

liverpool lashes liverpoollashes cnd shellac dazzling dance layering combinations
(Left to Right - all with Dazzing Dance over it)
Blue Rapture, Dark Dahlia, Lobster Roll, Sultry Sunset, Serene Green, Satin Pajamas, Tango Passion and Lush Tropics

I wouldn't say that Dazzing Dance is a complete colour changer like the discontinued shade Iced Coral but it does add that certain something special.  I would say the biggest difference would be over the darker shades as this will show the purple tone the best.  Let me know what your favourite combination is!
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