Sunday, 30 November 2014

First Impressions: INK London iLac Gel Polish

Today's post is a really exciting one as it's my very first impressions of INK London iLac Gel Polish.  One of my followers recommended it and I said that if I was going to try it, I would need to get the full system so that I could test it properly and provide a completely fair review for you.  To my surprise, someone else got contact with INK London to tell them I was interested in their brand, who therefore contacted me directly to offer to send the products so that I could test it for review.  
I always want to be complete completely transparent with my reviews and therefore, I did make Lee at INK London aware that if there were any issues with the product then I would also point out during the review.  I have to say that the response given by Lee blew me away because he simply said that it wouldn't be a fair review if I only pointed out the positives so in his words he told to tell you all the good, the bad and the ugly.  He even insisted that he sent me a 'pot luck' mix of colours and not necessary their biggest sellers so that I could see the quality of the products and not just be blinded by a beautiful colour which I also thought was a good, fair way of doing a review.
I have therefore started to put together a video which so far is just the application.  Once I've worn it for a reasonable amount of time, I'm then going to return to film the second section of the video where I will show you how it lasted and give you my overall thoughts of the product.  In today's post I just want to put out there my initial impressions but I also wanted to invite you to ask any questions about this product as I don't hear enough spoken about it.  I can then forward these questions to INK London and get the answers for you.  If you do have a question, please leave it on my Facebook page as a comment below the link to this post.
INK London iLac Gel Polish in I-31 liverpoollashes liverpool lashes beauty blogger
INK London iLac Gel Polish
So far, my first thoughts (obviously I've not worn iLac for long or removed this yet) but, the application was really easy I found that the brush was fairly good quality and easy to control.  All of the coats went on really smooth, I got full coverage with two colour coats.  The scent of it was just like a regular nail polish, stronger than CND Shellac but not offensive.  Something I noticed immediately is that iLac has a really glossy finish.  It doesn't required buffing of the natural nail on application or buffing for removal which is a massive bonus for me as I think that both are a faff.  The only negatives I've found are more nit-picks, like the Cuticle Eraser would be better with a dropper than a brush to apply it for hygiene reasons.

In my full review I'm going to be talking about comparing the product consistency to other brands, comparing the longevity, talking about the packaging and the colour selection, my overall thoughts as a product and of course, if I recommend it.  The moment that video is ready to go - I shall let you know via my Facebook page.  I'm extremely excited to see how it lasts on my nails and the removal as it's all looking really promising!

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