Saturday, 1 November 2014

Micro Styler 0000 Nail Art Brush

As a nail artist you're always looking for the latest and best products around.  Through a recommendation from a fellow nail technician I treated myself to the Micro Styler 0000 that I purchased through ebay.

It arrived really quickly and after it being a recommendation I had really high hopes with it.  Obviously for the fine details you really need a super fine brush with sturdy bristles so that you can control them well,  and I can confirm that this brush is it!

This is the brush I used for my recent Cherry Apple Nails and you can see by the outline that I was able to achieve a neat, precise finish.  I find that this brush is really easy to control as well which got me keen to see what else I could do!

The bottom line is... This brush is fantastic.  I'd highly recommend that you add it to your kits for making those intricate details.  I've even considered buying a back up just in case something happens to mine!

I have more new brushes to try and review and as always, I shall keep you posted when I have tested them on my Facebook page, please make sure you're following to keep up to date.

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