Sunday, 23 November 2014

My Work: Blue Stripe Enhancements

Yesterday I had a little bit of play with some striping tape and ended up creating the faded stripes that I posted about yesterday (click here to read the tutorial)  Rachael was booked in for today and as I knew she had seen my post yesterday, I had a little bet with myself that she would want the faded stripes and I was right!
I actually did something a little bit different than usual and the blue used for the tips was a mix of CND Additive in 'Deep Blue' and acrylic powder.  I then mixed CND Shellac in Clearly Pink with CND Additive in ' Pave Diamonds' for the dots along the smile line.  CND Shellac in Cream Puff was applied and cured to the ring fingers.  The shades I used for the stripes were CND Additive in Pave Diamonds, Amethyst Flash and Midnight Tide using the method here.
I do feel like I say this about every set but I really adore the colours and overall design of these nails.  The mix of the different coloured stripes compliment each other perfectly and I think Rachael was delighted!

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