Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Nail Foil Storage For Mobile Techs / Limited Space

I was raised to reuse and find new purposes for things, never to waste.  Last year, one of my favourite nail art websites closed down so I started to search for new stockists for my foils and glitters.  With the new suppliers my foils no longer have the pots included that I was used to receiving. 
Just like many other nail technicians, I have a little bit of an 'issue' with enjoying displays in a certain order with all of the pots the same as each other, where possible.  I did have a hard time trying to source the same pots as the original ones that held the bulk of my foils so if you need some yourself, they're here on this listing.

Anyway, whilst I waited for my forty pots to arrive (seriously!) I needed to come up with a solution which I then figured it would be perfect for those techs with limited space in a salon or working mobile.  I remember when I worked mobile I had three boxes of glitters.  As they were in their own individual pots and one time the client's little niece started playing with them as the client had them all out of the box trying to decide.  It was probably this reason why sometimes, my stock out get misplaced with tubs all over the place!

I kept an old tip box and removed the cardboard cover so it's completely clear.  I then put each foil in a different compartment.  I used the space up the side to put little odd pieces of foil in and add more than one roll to the larger compartments.  All of my large sheets also fit in lid space as well where as previously they'd been in the back of a drawer so that I could keep them flat.  I like the way they are all currently stored as it would be brilliant for a mobile tech as they can just get the box out, open the lid so that all of the foils are visible without having to have the client having to rummage through.  I equally like that the tip box was not really of any use to me so it gives it a purpose again - win win!
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  1. What a great idea!
    Must ask you where you found those wall shelfs? Fantastic they look!
    Thank you for sharing all you do!


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