Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Christmas Nail Art Ideas

When the Christmas season rolls around I always have to feeling of "okay so what did I do last year" and I'm getting to the point where as I feel like I'm doing the same designs that everyone else is doing which are cute but are less fun for me now. 

Therefore I decided to do some designs with a more unusual coloured background and make the typical symbols of the season in miniature form, randomly scattered over the nail, all in CND Shellac.    
For the penguins I used: Mint Convertible, Black Pool, Cream Puff and Electric Orange.
The Santas are: Locket Love (gold glitter patted into the sticky layer), Blush Teddy, Cream Puff, Black Pool and Wildfire.
The Christmas puddings are: Fine Vermilion, Faux Fur, Cityscape, Serene Green and Wildfire.

One of my favourite sets of Christmas nails were last year with a mix of Azure Wish, Waterpark, iridescent white glitter and penguins in Santa hats.  It was a really fun design to do and every time I looked at them the Santa hats would make me laugh.

I thought I'd include a popular Christmas nail tutorial that always seems to go down a storm with clients which is my Simple Santa Nail Tutorial.  Every year I end up doing a ton of these and they're fairly straight forward if you're not very 'arty.'

I love the film 'Elf' so I wanted to do something else that was a little different to the typical 'Santa hats' that I see and came up with this one which so many people complimented me on.

I hope I've given you a few Christmas nail art ideas.  Once you get started you can always come up with something!  Please make sure you're following my Facebook page to keep up to date with my latest posts!

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