Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas Presents For Clients

Christmas presents for clients can sometimes be a bit of a grey area to me. I definitely like to do something for them as it's the time of year where as we show our appreciation for the business they bring to us, however I do think that there is some factors to consider.  

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Firstly, whatever you do one year sets a president for what you do for the following years to come.  I do think consistency is key.  Imagine if you bought all of your clients a fantastic gift and then the following year they got just a card.  It could lead them to believe that their business wasn't as good or as valued as the previous year.

Secondly you need to decide who gets your offerings, clients that book in every two weeks?  Every month without fail?  Everyone who books in December?  It's hard because I feel like every client is valuable and I don't like to pick favourites for this reason (if you're reading this and you're a client of mine - of course you're my favourite but please keep it to yourself!  haha)  My personal rule is the clients that have booked continuously every few weeks throughout the year will receive a token gesture from me.

When it comes to the "what to give" topic, I do feel that any "little extras" are always appreciated with clients.  It's easy to go extravagant with gifts, fearing that you may look a bit tightfisted when you hand it over but remember that you're trying to show you're appreciation and the client would most probably be touched at you thinking of them specifically.

Last year I gave my clients a sparkly bracelet.  It wasn't anything too elaborate but it was just a little acknowledgement from me that I appreciated them.  This year I have decided to treat them all to a paraffin wax treatment on their next appointment after Christmas.  Many of my clients haven't experienced it so it's a good extra pampering at the time when the weather is particularly harsh and a month that money can sometimes be a little more stretched.  Also as January is typically a slightly quieter month, I can put time aside to carry it out without disrupting my usual schedule.   My clients will be aware that not only am I using my products on them for this extra special treatment but that I am sacrificing my time also to carry it out.  From a business point of view also, any treatment that you offer may encourage a future booking either for the client themselves or for one of their friends or relatives as a gift too.  I once did basically a paraffin wax party for a lady's 60th, arranged by her friend!

Of course you could always offer a gift voucher off their next treatment which I'm sure would go down well with your regulars and for a busy salon, might work out better.
I wanted to put this post up today just as a little food for thought.  Sometimes it's not about the gift but more the time and thought behind it.  Everyone has their own way of thinking and I thought I'd mention mine.  I'd be interested to know your thoughts on it too!

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