Thursday, 18 December 2014

Daylight Company Slimline LED Table Lamp

Admittedly I do feel like I am the last person to talk about this but I recently treated myself to Daylight Company Slimline Table Lamp and I absolutely couldn't be happier with my purchase, I truly believe every nail tech needs one of these!

We all know when doing detailed work that light is required - in particular - true daylight.  Of course, when I'm taking my photographs for this website all filming in nail tutorials I use photography lights however these are the type of lights that are not suitable to be out all of the time and quite frankly there wouldn't be any space for them anyway.

Photo courtesy of Google

I knew that the type of lamp I wanted was typically pretty expensive however when I received a  little tip off that this one was on offer for £36 pounds (RRP £119!) I put my order in right away.  (Obviously the price can change any given moment with Amazon which is why I wanted to let you know straight away as it's still currently £36 as I write this post, looked under "new and used") 
When the box arrived it was really small which I was happy with.  Of course this is a slimline lamp but I did think that it might be more bulky or longer somehow (and take up more room.)  This to me means it could be used for mobile work as well.
The lamp clamps onto a desk really securely.  It has two bendable joints so that it can be perfectly positioned.  The actual head of the lamp is really slim which I like because even though it is the eyeline of yourself and the client, it doesn't get in the way as you're talking.  I also like that it has a touch button, you can truly tell that this lamp is extremely good quality.  The light that it gives is pretty bright but not as bright as to glare, it's just truly perfect to allow you the maximum amount of light for accurate work.  I have found that it is also brilliant for photography and as it's already set up and ready to go it's easier than me getting my photography lights out to take a photo.

The bottom line is if you're a nail tech and you're just using the light in your room to work with, you need this.  I literally will not work without mine now!

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