Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Five Snowflake Nail Art Ideas

There's something about snowflakes that are so elegant don't you think?  If a client wants tasteful, festive nails but nothing too much I always turn to snowflakes.  I was thinking about ideas for ways to do snowflakes and it dawned on me that I actually had quite a few ideas so I thought I'd put them together on today's blog posts.

I'll go from left to right of the above photo to tell you what I used for each design.  

First up I used MoYou London Plate 02 to stamp my snowflakes using CND Additive in Titanium Pearl over a layering combination of CND Shellac in Overly Onyx and Dazzing Dance.  

The next colour pop is the same layering combination but I applied Lecente Galaxy over the top, drew a very basic mix of stars and snowflakes in Shellac top coat and cured it.  I then wiped over the nail with D Sperse to remove the excess glitter to reveal the design and applied a layer of top coat.

Next up is this amazing holographic snowflake nail foil that I ordered from Australia but it did arrive within a week.  I find that this foil is easier to use by touching the nail and pulling quickly.  The colour pop has Shellac Black Pool underneath the foils.

Finally I bought a craft cutter in the shape of a snowflake.  I originally bought it with the hope of cutting my own pieces of foils but when I tried to do it the delicate foil just scrunched up when I cut it.  I therefore put a piece of paper with the foil and with the added strength it cut perfectly.  I then applied the entire foil (including the backing) onto the sticky layer of Shellac Midnight Swim and covered with two layers of top coat, curing each time to seal.

Finally I just wanted to share a set of enhancements I did last year which is technically a sixth idea.  They had white iridescent glitter faded from the top and gold snowflake slices encased in them.  

I hope I've given you a few ideas for snowflake ideas.  Please don't forget to keep up to date with my latest posts by following my Facebook Page.

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  1. Great ideas for the festive season! I love snowflakes on nails I must get myself one of these stamping plates as doing them freehand can be tricky sometimes :) xx


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