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INK London iLac Review (Incl. Demo Of Application & Removal)

I had mentioning on Facebook that I was interested in INK London iLac Gel Polish and somewhere along the line a follower got in contact with them and told them.  They then got in touch with me to offer some samples for review.  I have to be honest, I was a little worried to go ahead because often companies only want you to say it's fantastic or keep quiet for fear of it damaging their brand but they replied to me back simply saying they wanted me to tell you everything, the good, the bad and the ugly (their exact words!)  I can't tell you how refreshing it is for a brand to be so confident in their product that they're literally like "say what you like!" so I took up their offer.

The thing that I loved from the start that this is a British brand.  It's great to support products from your own country, I believe that's pretty rare in terms of nail products and in particular, gel polishes.

I received their full range of prep products, as shown in application and removal video here (also at the end of this post) along with three fantastic shades which may I add - they purposely didn't send me their top sellers to make it a fair review and people were just blinded by amazing shades - another gold star for being such an genuine brand!

My video goes through the full process so you can see for yourself but in a nutshell the iLac brush is easy to control giving me a perfectly smooth professional finish to my nails.  Even from the base coat my nails were super shiny, I literally couldn't imagine nails any glossier than that.

iLac is LED and UV compatible so it is 30 seconds in a LED lamp or 120 seconds in a UV lamp for every single coat.  This makes the base coat a longer time than CND shellac if you're curing in a UV lamp, but that's only minor issue for me.

There were pros and cons about the packaging for me.  I like the packaging for the actual iLac bottles however it would be good to give a better overall feel with their packaging of the prep products as they can feel slightly cheaper.  Having said that though, if it was a case of having the bottles they have but containing a good quality product or bumping the price just for the sake of a fancy bottle, they can stay as they are!  Also there is a brush to apply their cuticle remover where as I would personally prefer a dropper for hygiene reasons but on the flip side of that, their cuticle oil applicator is better than the dropper that the CND Solar Oil bottle has which is rubberised and always disintegrates over time.

I always want to point out the scent in my reviews now as I feel that this plays a big factor both for yourself using it all day on clients and for the clients themselves.  This hasn't been anything I've considered before until reviewing Gel ll a few months back with a fairly strong and not so fragrant scent, then others came forward to say that Gelish is worse.  CND Shellac can only really be detected if you actually smell the bottle so I definitely wanted to sniff out iLac to describe it in comparison.  In a nutshell it smells like regular nail polish, nothing unpleasant and fairly vague which many probably would even notice.

INK London iLac shades I-7, I-20 and I-31

In terms of the price, obviously I cannot reveal trade prices openly online however I can reveal that they are very competitively priced within the market.

The removal is fantastic, as you can see in my video with using Shellac Nourishing Remover, standard pure acetone or their Gel Polish Remover.  I would say that their own remover was more nourishing than acetone and closer to Shellac Nourishing Remover and has a pleasant scent.  

The bottom line is... As hard as I tried, even given free reign by INK London themselves to say what I liked, I struggled to find a negative point about iLac!  The packaging issues I mentioned are so minor and I say, if it's going to effect the cost then keep them as they are!  I would love to see the colours actually have names instead of numbers. I just think they would be more memorable and a little less "clinical" somehow?!  As I say in my video, I told myself and a few followers after the application that I was delighted with iLac and it would only possibly be the removal that could stop me investing in the brand, having it alongside my existing one to fill in any gaps in my colour options.  Since the removal completely floored me, it was completely outstanding then I am definitely going to go for it.  

Lastly, INK London do another product that I'd be keen to try.  It's called xLax and it's an all-in-one gel polish.  This means there's no base coat, top coat or any need for a product to remove the sticky layer.  This concept sounds fantastic and they have it available in 15 shades so far.

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Here's the video:

ProTipClips demonstration (as used in the video) click here

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  1. Which setting would you use on the CND LED lamp?


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