Tuesday, 23 December 2014

My Work: Silver Sparkles & Swarovski Crystals

Jen is a regular at my home salon and I adore her.  When she first started coming to me every fortnight it was square, French tip enhancements that she wanted every time, without fail.  Obviously whatever the client wants, she gets but eventually despite her having them permanently for years before being referred to me, she's now having all kinds of different nails.  

Jen wanted to correspond with her dress for New Year so she choose to have her nails infilled (with the usual opaque pink powder)  I then applied a layer of Shellac Beau to every nail apart from her ring finger which I added Silver Chrome to instead.  I then used a silver glitter to apply to the tips of the nails with Beau on and all over the ring fingers.  I finished the ring fingers off with various genuine Swarovski crystals.  Jen says that they're her favourite so far!

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