Monday, 1 December 2014

Lily Flame Blush Candle

It's no secret that I adore candles.  Although I love the gentle flicker of the flame, I have to admit that I have recently became somewhat of a candle snob and now the only ones I truly appreciate are the ones that actually give off a true scent.  Unfortunately brands that actually do this are few and far between so when I found my beloved Bath & Body Works 3 Wicks I stopped searching any further.  It was only when my friend mentioned Lily Flame that I decided to go ahead and order one.

The tin itself is pretty cute and I like the little sweet-like pieces that are floating in the top.  The scent of blush is very sensual and suitable for a bedroom I would say.  The scent throw is pretty fantastic for a single wick candle.

Comparing to the burn time of a Bath & Body Works candle, they actually last an impressive amount of hours for the size of it as well.

Overall I've really enjoyed this candle.  Although the "Blush" scent is pleasant, I would be keen to try more from their range.  I do think that Lily Flame candles would be perfect as a present as well.

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