Saturday, 27 December 2014

Muji Aroma Diffuser

For the best part of a year I have been wandering into the Selfridges at The Trafford Centre and admiring the Aroma Diffusers at their Muji section.  I loved how calming they are with the smoke billowing out of it and the tranquil scents. 

I was lucky enough to received a Muji Aroma Diffuser for Christmas from my husband which was brilliant because Christmas Day night I wasn't very well with (amongst others!) a chesty cough which then developed into a cold.  I applied a few drops of the eucalyptus into the water and it gave an amazing experience that helped me breathe easier as I slept.  

The aroma has various options to shut off after a certain amount of minutes.  You can also use it with the light on, dimmed or completely off.

The thing I like about it so much is that it's not hot to touch and even the water inside isn't warm which is actually what I expected, therefore it's no danger to children or pets.

I absolutely adore it and highly recommend it for yourself or as a present.  I would say that if you're hoping to fill a medium to large room you would need the large version but if you'd be fine with the one I have if it's a smaller space, you'd be right by it or it's on a beside chest.  

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