Friday, 5 December 2014

Nail Stamping With Additives

If you're not already following Amanda Fontanarrossa on Facebook - you need to be (link here!)  She's recently uploaded a video (click here to open new window with video) on how to do nail stamping using CND additives and it's fantastic.  Since then I know many have come with some fantastic combinations including playing with neon pigments.  

Today's post was for two reasons, to draw your attention to Amanda's Facebook page and video but also to draw your attention to an Additive that I had personally neglected to use.

My client this evening can never make up her mind, it's fair enough as I can be like that as well!  She said to me that she wanted "dark red and elegant."  So I instantly though of my MoYou London plate with the damask print but when I did a colour pop with Barry M Gold Foil over it, she asked what she would do if she decided to wear silver jewellery.  When I told her I could print it in silver she said the same about what she would do if gold jewellery was what she wanted to wear.  
Left to right of colour pops - CND Shellac in Serene Green, Masquerade and Grape Gum
I have all of my CND Additives arranged in their Colour families and all of my metallics are together which is the only reason that I saw Silver Frost.  I will totally admit that I had forgotten about this Additive which despite the name is a grey/champagne shade - a perfect mix of silver and gold and great for Christmas / New Year nails. 

Previously if a client asked for silver I'd be tempted to go for Paved Diamonds which is stunning but that's a true silver and this is a mix of metallics that I just don't hear anyone talk about!

I did want to mention my thoughts on stamping with Additives too.  I find that certain width prints work better than others.  As some Additives are really sparkly, with a fine print you can't always see them.  Equally the different texture Additives give a different effect as well.

I hope you've enjoyed this little post!

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  1. Again another fab blog, thanks for sharing about her nails are amazing yet so easy, x


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