Saturday, 31 January 2015

Stepping Up My Skincare Routine

A while back I was a little obsessed with skincare.  It was all during my facial training and the tutor has told us to raise our hands if we used make up wipes which admittedly, I did.  She told us to throw them away admittedly and that we would see such a change in our skin within weeks to which I did and it felt so much better. 

Anyway, I have now slipped into my old bad habits and I am thoroughly ashamed of myself and my skin.  I have therefore made a decision to make more effort in my skin and reap the benefits when I apply my make up to flawless skin again so I thought I'd run through the products I adore that I will be using.

Firstly I will still be using make up wipes to which I'm guessing you'll be shocked at.  The point of people saying not to use face wipes is because they don't thoroughly remove your make up but that's because people don't follow them up with a proper cleanser, of course I will be.

Next up will be a good facial wash.  I like many face washes so I'm not really specific with them but I love the fresh and clean skin afterwards.

My favourite facial exfoliator is Origins Modern Friction but you do have to be careful as some of the ingredients will make your eyes sting if you accidentally get them too close.  I'll also use a facial exfoliator sponge which I got from Boots.

I do believe it's essential to hydrate the skin so I will be using my Kiehls Hydro-Plump daily along GlamGlow's ThirstyMud as and when I feel it's needed.

I'm actually really looking forward to reaping the benefits of all of this effort!  I shall keep you updated!

Friday, 30 January 2015

Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas

Today I thought I'd do a few Valentine's Day ideas just to get your creative juices flowing!  I got out a ton of glitters and the typical reds and pinks to see what I could come up with.

From left to right of the photograph below...

CND Shellac in Cream Puff with Black Pool stripes and Wildfire hearts.

Black Pool with Hot Pop Pink lips and then a glitter paste of Lecente Darkest Pink Holographic Glitter over it.

Clearly Pink all over with Wildfire heart, Black Pool outline and Lecente Hot Lips glitter paste.

Cream Puff full coverage, Lecente Milky Way and a Lecente Darkest Red Glitter paste for the hearts.

Black Pool full coverage with Pink Bikini hand painted roses and a glitter paste of Lecente Milky Way to add depth.  

I hope you've enjoyed today's post and that it's given you a few ideas!  Please make sure you're following my Facebook Page to keep up to date with all of my posts!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

It Goes Deeper Than 'Just Nails'

At Christmas I had a new client for 2014, give me a present.  Obviously presents are certainly not expected but it's nice the clients feel that way.  To be honest, this client started coming to me after being given a gift voucher from one of my existing clients and it was lovely that she continued to keep up with appointments but I figured that she just enjoyed having perfectly polished nails with her fortnightly  Shellac visits.  It was only when I read the tag she'd written "thanks for everything, it's not just about the nails, I enjoy the appointments."  It's the first time that I've considered what beauty treatments and the time they spend with us as a therapist actually do for my own clients. 

My best friend Nic was with me today.  She's had rheumatoid arthritis since she was two years old which has obviously taken its toll on her limbs and she has little hands and feet.  She has limited movement in her wrists and fingers so in time I've learnt to adapt her treatments so that she rests her hand on a big 3 wick jar candle with her fingers over the edges so that she doesn't have to raise her arms to give me  her fingers but I can easily access them one by one.  I also remove the inner plate on my CND lamp so that her hand fits into it easier, it's these adaptations that make the service easier and more comfortable for the client.  

Anyway, I digress a little but today after doing her nails she did something rare which was to post the above photo on Instagram.  Underneath it she had written that she doesn't normally show her hands due to the rheumatoid arthritis but she loves them so much.  I feel like this says it all because a bit of colour and nail art stamping has given her the confidence to show her hand on Instagram and why not?  They're beautiful, I love her to bits so her happiness in them makes my day.

I have a client who hates her eyebrows, so much so that she chooses her glasses based on the frames that cover them the most.  Having never considered actually having the shaped properly previously, she decided to book for an eyebrow wax a few months ago along with her usual nail appointment.  The moment I did them and she saw them, I knew her thoughts on herself and the eyebrows that she'd hidden had completely changed.  Trivial to some but now she doesn't have to think of how to disguise them and is even considering contact lenses.

There's so much ugliness in this industry with therapists trying to outdo each other and companies trying to discredit others that it's good to look at the people that really benefit from the treatments and services.  They don't call is "beauty therapy" for nothing!  I do feel like it really is a lot deeper than "just nails" and I feel honoured to be able to have these sort of effects on people.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

My Favourite Nail Art Instagram Accounts

I thought I'd do something a little different today and recommend to you some of my favourite nail art instagram accounts. Obviously if you'd like to follow me, my link is here (shameless plug) or search for @liverpoollashes

kawaii_nails_tustin_ca is the first account I wanted to mention as they do "my" type of nails and they are designs I would wear myself.

Easynailartvids is the next account because they search for the best instagram nail art videos to save you the trouble!

Thenailsqueen is another amazing account to follow.  I wouldn't neccesarily wear absolutely everything they do but it's definitely inspiration!

Don't forget to always search the hashtags for fresh ideas!  I hope you found this post helpful!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

CND Vinylux Thistle Thickett

After a day of technicial problems I wanted to end with a focus in one particular shade of CND Vinylux as it's utterly beautiful and needs to be released as a Shellac shade also.  Of course, as you can see by the title that shade is Thistke Thicket.

It's such a pretty lilac pastel colour with a hint of grey.  I do like Lilac Longing also but I prefer this one.  I'm not opposed to a shimmer finish but the truth is cream colours are always a favourite as if I want shimmer I can just add it.

If you haven't got this colour then you need it for the spring/summer.  Now if we could all contact CND and beg them for a Shellac equilivant I would really appreciate it!

Monday, 26 January 2015

NOTD: Stars & Hearts

If you follow my Facebook page you'll know that this morning I posted that I wasn't enjoying my "Interesting Neutrals," it turns out that they weren't that interesting after all...!!

Anyway I think I was craving something brighter and my instant thought was pink with some black but I adore CND Shellac in Creekside so bad that I had to incorporated it somewhere!

I applied my base coat and cured, then Creekside with CND Additive in Haute Pink with a fluffy brush.  I finally drew the design over in black, cured and finished with the top coat.

I really like these, at last I am finally happy!  The one thing I didn't think about was having to do my "other hand" which I had to do at a snails pace as it's completely unnatural to draw a heart or star with the wrong hand!

I hope you've enjoyed this post!  

Sunday, 25 January 2015

My Work: Smart & Chic Shellac Over Enhancements

I absolutely couldn't wait to show you these nails as I adore them.  Rachael came in for her nail appointment and I know her so well as her tastes are very similar to mine.  I had laid out all of my recent colour pop ideas which must be about 25 colour pops and she said "there's two I love the most, guess which ones" and I hilariously was able to pick the exact two that she adored.  I knew it would be a toss up between CND Shellac in Creekside or Field Fox.  If I was a betting woman I'd have said Creekside but luckily I'm not as she went with Field Fox over her enhancements.

One of the colour pops she has picked out as a favourite was from the "Focusing On Creekside" blog post (click here if you missed it) where I had drawn a heart in glitter dots.  She wanted this heart over Field Fox which I used CND Additive in Dream Lily for.

She also liked the fade I'd created over Lecente Neptune so I suggested that she could have that or one of the ideas I did on Friday's 3D Textured Nail post (click here for that) but using the colours she liked.

Rachael always says her new set are her favourite so needless to say, she's convinced that these ones definitely are!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

NOTD: Interesting Neutrals

If you follow my Facebook Page you'll know I got the itch to redo my nails, despite me loving my lilac and blue ones.  I really fancied using the new Shellac in Field Fox somewhere but I knew I didn't want it on every nail.  In all honesty, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about these but I figured I'd share with you all anyway.

Originally I wanted to have a textured nail that I spoke about in yesterday's post (click here if you missed it) in Cityscape on my ring finger.  That didn't turn out as I wanted so I redid it.  The majority of my nails are in the shade Rubble.  My middle finger has Field Fox with Lecente Neptune over it and I covered the Cityscape up with CND additive in Silver Frost which I love as it's far more of a champagne shade.

As I say, I'm not sure how long they will stay like this but either way I shall keep you informed, of course!

Friday, 23 January 2015

3D Textured Nails

I never want to appear that I'm copying someone else's idea, that's just not how I roll but the other day I posted "Focusing On Salmon Run" with a mini stud design that I did.  At some point after that I saw some photos of a 3D Chrome Textured look which was virtually the same principal as what I did, only the person covered the raised area with polish where as I covered it with CND Additives.  (I have since found the original post and You Tube video - click here to watch it)

Today I decided to elaborate on my original thought to spark some creativity amongst as all (hopefully!) so I'll run through what I did and how I did it.

The process would be:
  • Apply a base coat and cure.
  • Apply a colour coat and cure.  The colour really depends on how sheer the Additive is that you're applying over it.  (If you want more of a sheer look and then the raised area to be a darker version then use a light shade underneath.  If you want it all be an opaque look then use a similar matching Colour.)
  • With a blob of top coat and a fine brush, paint on your design fairly thickly.  To check where you're up to, lift the nail to the light until you can see where the shine is of the top coat, and cure.
  • Apply your Additive over (or your Shellac shade if that's what you're going for, and cure)
  • Apply your top coat and cure.

I'll run through what I used for each colour pop, from left to right.
  • The first one is a slightly sheer one.  I used Nude Knickers, then painted a wave design, applying CND additive in Sapphire Hope over.
  • Next is Creekside, a star design and CND additive in Deep Blue over. 
  • The colour pop after is Nude Knickers, more stars and the Silver Frost additive over.
  • Next up is Pink Bikini, swirls and Nectar Glaze additive (part of the Flora & Fauna collection)
  • After that, the next colour pop is Nude Knickers with Blush Bronze Additive over the design.
  • The next one is Nude Knickers and Gold Adorned Additive over the zig zags.
  • Of course I had to get Lecente Milky Way somewhere into this post so the next colour pop has Cream Puff, waves and that beautiful delight over it.
  • Finally, the last pop is a little bit of a sheer version of the second one using Nude Knickers and Deep Blue additive.
I hope you enjoyed this post.  Please make sure you're following my Facebook page for all of my new posts and tutorials!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

My Work: Garnet, Gold & White Enhancements With Shellac

I wanted to share a set of enhancements I did this evening, with you.  Jen wanted purple which I thought was exciting as I have tons of purple options for her but she didn't want anything bright so decided on Lecente glitter in Garnet which is over CND Shellac in Dark Dahlia.

On her ring finger I applied Locket Love and then a pale gold glitter over and on her middle finger is Cream Puff with Lecente Milky Way over and MoYou Fashionista Plate 07 in Barry M Gold Foil.  I love them!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

New Shellac Combination Favourites

Today I've had a play with some of my Shellac and Additives.  To be fair some of them didn't turn out too well which is a shame but I did love three of the Colour pops so I thought I'd share them.

From left to right of the photograph below is Hot Pop Pink.  I took CND Additive in Crushed Suede and mixed top coat with it, then using a fine brush to paint a design on, curing and then applying a top coat.

The other two are really just to tell about about Colour combinations I'm loving.  The middle Colour pop is Field Fox with Grand Gala.  Grand Gala hasn't been one that I have used as much as a true gold like Locket Love but the pink tone to it goes perfectly with Field Fox.

The other Colour pop gives a mind blowing shade that really has to be seen. It's Plum Paisley with CND Additive in Rose Notion over it.  It has an amazing two tone effect that I'm so keen to wear myself.

That's it for today's post, to be honest the rest that I did was not up to my standards enough for the blog!  

Monday, 19 January 2015

Focusing On Creekside

CND Shellac Creekside is already a firm favourite with me.  It's just a perfect powder blue and as it's a cream shade I adore it even more.  

Just like I did with Field Fox (click here if you missed it) I have put together a few design ideas with Creekside.  All of the colour pops below have two coats of Creekside, cured on firstly.

If I start from left to right and tell you what I used to achieve the design.  

For the first design I used CND Additive in Midnight Tide and Lecente Galaxy to pat horizontal lines into the sticky layer.  I then mixed a paste out of Lecente Capri and top coat, drawing circles on top of the powders.  After curing it, I removed the excess powders to reveal the design and top coated it.

Next is a simple heart with CND Additive in Dream Lily which I dotted onto the centre of the colour pop.

The next colour pop I removed the sticky layer, then I used CND Shellac in Iced Cappuccino to paint the design.  After curing it I used a gold foil to pat it on top of the design.  I finally finished it with a top coat.

Moving onto the next colour pop, I mixed a glitter paste of top coat and Lecente Capri and painted the chevrons.  Boy is this pretty in real life!

The next colour pop as CND Additive in Midnight Tide stamped into it using MoYou London Princess Plate 12.

Next up is a silver foil which I used the corner of and rubbed it careful into the sticky layer.  

Finally I thought I'd mention my favourite colour combination, Creekside with Grape Gum over it.

I am currently wearing Creekside on my nails with a lilac stamp over it.  I just love it!

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Elf Professional Concealer Brush

I bought the ELF Professional Concealer brush just because it was cheap.  To be honest I never use a brush for concealer but I figured I could try it for the price.

It was only when I got into trying to do eyeliner that I realised that the size of this brush is ideal to smudge a pencil liner into the last line.  I just find it's the perfect density to really work it in with a lot of control.

I have also tried it with concealer and it is good but I'll be sticking to my method for eyeliner.  It's fantastic! 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Focusing On Field Fox

Of course I'm not just talking any fox in a field but that new CND Shellac shade.  Wow this was the one I knew I would adore (although Creekside is still trying to steal my heart, truth be known!) 

If you haven't watched my comparison video for the Flora & Fauna collection, it's here.

To be fair, I don't think any client would need much persuasion to pick this bad boy but I decided to have a little play with it today and just come up with a few different ways to wear it that I hope you enjoy!

I'll go left to right with what I did and run though what I used.  All colour have two coats of Field Fox, cured firstly.

First up is CND Additive in Pave Diamonds which has been stamped onto the sticky layer of the colour pop using MoYou London Sailor Collection Plate 07.

The next colour pop I applied three CND Additives in three horizontal blocks into the sticky layer.  The colours I used were Rose Notion, Plush Velour and Plum Love.  I then applied graduated dots of top coat on top and cured it.  I then removed the rest of the additives to reveal the dots and top coated.

The third colour pop is Lecente Neptune faded from the top of the nail.  It's simple but effective.  Field Fox would be a good base for full coverage of Neptune as well.

The next colour pop is a little bit of CND Additive in Blush Bronze Frost mixed with top coat and I used my Micro Styler 0000 to paint the flicks, cured and top coated.

I wanted to show a layering option so the fifth from the left has a colour that doesn't get a look in with my clients which is Vexed Violette, over Field Fox.

Finally, the foil I used over Field Fox is called Geisha Garden and you can buy it here.  It removes from the backing fairly easy.  If you haven't got the hang of full coverage foils yet, I have a post on it here.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and found it useful!  If you've like to see my other 'Focusing On' posts - click here.  Don't forget to follow my Facebook Page for regular updates, tutorials and ideas!

Friday, 16 January 2015

Favourite New Colour Combination

I'm always looking at colours and patterns for inspiration for my client's nails.  I'd seen a fantastic bright blue/purple shade and hoped that I could achieve the same colour in Shellac and u have!

I absolutely adore the new Shellac shade, Creekside but when you apply a layer of Grape Gum it turns into the perfect mix of bright purple and blue.  It's beautiful!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

NOTD: Blue & Lilac Nails

So today I decided last minute that I wanted to change my nails.  I had no idea what to but after brainstorming a couple of different combinations I came up with this.  

I used CND Shellac in Lilac Longing and Creekside (new shade.)  I applied foil over the lilac nails and with MoYou Princess Collection 12 I printed the roses on in 2 True Metallica in "Artemis"

I adore the over look of these nails.  I think the combination works perfectly!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Forever Living Aloe Propolis Creme

As I wasn't well over Christmas I really feel like my skin has started to suffer.  Of course it's probably due to the harsh weather conditions also but it was fed up of my face feeling rough and my make up looking uneven.  I tried to exfoliate it, I tried moisture masks and for a while they worked but then I think my skin got used to them.

One night I was looking through my beauty stash for something that could relieve my skin and make it smooth again and I spotted the Forever Living Aloe Vera Propolis Creme.  I must admit I hesitated about putting it on my face but the moment I did, I was delighted!

It instantly soothed and relieved the sensitivity I'd been feeling.  I must admit that the scent is a little "natural" 

Monday, 12 January 2015

How To Keep A Red Lip On For Hours

Obviously I'm a self confessed make up junkie.  I love getting ready in the morning and playing with different looks, it's amazing how much your make up can transform you're entire image.  Somethung I particularly love (and I have to admit I think I really suit) is a red lip.  As I've wore it so many times and had so many compliments, I thought I'd give you my hints and tips on how to make it last.

So my first step is whilst I apply my make up I will have a lip balm soaking in to give the smoothest finish for my lips.  

Next I will apply a red lip stain, I have quite a few of them but I think they're the best base as of course if the lipstick is to be wiped away, the pigment is still there.

After that, if I want it to last as long as humanly possible, I will use a red lip liner to outline and completely fill them in.  I do this because lip liner is on the drier side so it brilliant for adhesion of the lipstick.  

Finally I will go in with my lipstick.  This just completely finishes the look for me and adds that final pigment.

I find that when it comes to getting a good application, it's a case of working slowly as it's much easier to smooth the colour out and work further and further out than to throw it on and clean it up if you go over the line.

I hope you've found this post useful!

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Redken Wind Blown 05

It's no secret that hairdressers love hair styling products and can sometimes go a little over the top.  Personally I don't like to put too many products in my hair as it makes it feel a little unnatural and dirty quicker.  I did however want to mention the Redken Wind Blown 05 Hairspray as it's different to a lot of hairsprays I've used.

I first used it when I was having my hair pinned up by a fellow hairdresser.  She was spraying each curl and it literally felt like a ton of it was going on but when she was finished and I touched my hair it didn't feel like it at all.

Last week I curled my hair and I used this hairspray and it held my curls for much longer than without it but minus the crunchy texture.

It really is a dream hairspray to use and I highly recommend it!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Let's Go Lashes in Flirt 1

If you didn't know, my username stems back from being a Scouser (someone from Liverpool) and a daily wearer of false lashes.  I have my application completely sorted with them as I've been wearing them for around six years now.

Whilst I was up at Creative Academy Manchester before Christmas the staff pointed out a special offer on the Nouveau Let's Go Lashes which I just couldn't refuse.  

Typically for some reason, many dismiss the adhesive that comes with strip lashes but I have never had a problem with it however I want to try them all to let you know.

I have to say that they were really comfortable to wear and I could tell immediately that they were well made as the bands were soft and flexible.  I wore the lashes for around 16 hours with the adhesive provided which held them in place like a dream.  I loved the look that the "Flirt 1" model gave me.  It was a slightly sexy cat eye effect.

The bottom line is... I shall be purchasing a ton of these for the future and definitely more of the different styles that they stock!  They're excellent quality and would also be brilliant to retail to clients.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Custom Coloured Foils

Doesn't the title sound good to this post? I'm personally pretty proud of it.  Anyway it's the same concept as yesterday (if you missed it, click here) but with foils.  How many times have you looked at a foil and thought "if only there was that pattern in another colour..." and now you can make it!

This is the foil I chose to demonstrate with today.  I bought it a really long time ago from a company that has now closed but I've searched online and you can buy it here.  I've used it quite a lot because it's just so interesting.  If you've not managed full coverage foils yet - click here to watch my video on them.  
Dark Dahlia, Hotski Tchotchke, Decadence and Vexed Violette
My idea here was to apply your base coat and cure it.  Then choose a Shellac shade similar to the foil colour so in this case - Silver Chrome - apply it and cure it.  After you've applied the foil I then chose the more sheer Shellac shades to apply over the foil, cured it and then finished with a top coat.  I think it's a really good option for clients! 
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Thursday, 8 January 2015

New Shellac Glitter Shades

Okay in fairness they're not new Shellac glitters so to speak but it's a bit of fun to creative some new colour pops for clients to choose from as in this past year a few of the amazing glitter Shellac shades have been discontinued.

I was having a conversation with a friend and fellow nail tech about Ruby Ritz and how she wished there was a purple version of it.  Within the same week I was up at Creative Academy Manchester and there was a customer in asking about Ruby Ritz so I told her that if you did a gold Rockstar nail and covered it in CND Shellac in the shade Decadence it gives you a very similar effect.  Somehow those two conversations merged in my mind and I figured that if I chose a sheer purple over a gold Rockstar nail it would give me the purple Ruby Ritz that my friend was after.  

I actually used this glitter in sand.  I've had this a very long time so I can't pinpoint where it bought it but I'm sure that Lecente glitter in "Sand" would be very similar.  

I have chosen the more sheer Shellac shades to show you.  My method was to apply my base coat, cure it.  Next I applied a layer of the chosen colour, cure it.  I then proceeded with the glitter and patted it into the nail.  The next part is depending on how you prefer to work but of course you don't want to get glitter into your Shellac bottle.  I then applied another colour coat, I ensured I wiped the brush clean before returning it to the bottle and cured it.  I finally finished with a top coat and cured.

Left to right - Sultry Sunset, Fine Vermilion, Dark Dahlia, Rose Brocade & Tinted Love

Left to right - Hotski Tchotchke, Desert Poppy, Purple Purple, Grape Gum & Limeade

Left to right - Hotski Tchotchke, Desert Poppy, Purple Purple, Grape Gum & LimeadeSultry Sunset, Fine Vermillion, Dark Dahlia, Rose Brocade & Tinted Love

The one shade I was so keen to work was Mint Convertible but I think it was a little too creamy to show the glitter underneath properly.

I'm sure there are more shades to try and even doing a different shade underneath the glitter and a sheer shade over it. 
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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

My Work: Dream Lily Pink Nails

Today I re-did my mum's nails so I thought I'd show you.  She normally goes for a version of red or sheer so to make a change we did Shellac Gotcha with Grapefruit Sparkle over it.  I then mixed a glitter paste with the new Dream Lily Additive from the Flora & Fauna Collection and painted little wiggles around the cuticle area.

Gotcha isn't a colour that many typically gravitate towards but with the Grapefruit Sparkle over and then the purple tones of the glitter it really makes an interesting twist.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

NOTD: Hot Pink & Sparkling Silver Nails

Admittedly the change of nails was more because I fancied it rather than them needing to be done.  I enjoyed my New Years nails but I wanted something brighter on them so I choose CND Shellac in Pink Bikini.  

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes cnd shellac pink and silver nails blogger bblogger

I think mixed a little Lecente Stardust in Galaxy with a little bit of Shellac Top Coat and drew on the slices in the centre of each nail.  I love how bright but slightly fierce these are!!

Monday, 5 January 2015

Top 3 Jo Malone Perfumes

Jo Malone is such a luxury brand.  Everything they do is an utter treat to use and I adore it.  My friend bought me the English Pear & Freesia for my birthday last year and I utterly treasure it, I was so delighted that she got me my first Jo Malone fragrance.  This stands as a firm favourite for me and I get a lot of compliments.

The next favourite is Blackberry & Bay which I also have as a candle although I'd yet to burn it as I love it so much!!  Blackberry & Bay is a classic that I think a lot of people would love.

Finally is one of their newest scents, Wood Sage & Sea Salt which probably sounds a little unusual but it's a refreshingly ever so slightly manly scent.  

I'm terrible at describing fragrances so please refer to the Jo Malone website got their official descriptions or pop into a Jo Malone counter to smell them for yourself! 

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Mane N Tail Hoofmaker Hand & Nail Cream

A few years ago a friend asked if I had tried Mane n Tail shampoo and conditioner.  Intrigued with the name I looked it up online and found that the brand originates from a product used to moisturise horse hooves and the stable workers noticed that their skin was also benefiting as they applied it to the horses so they developed it for humans.  

I have since tried their shampoo and conditioner and it's fantastic but I decided to purchase their Hoofmaker Hand & Nail Therapy and try it out.

Wow this stuff is amazing.  My hands have been pretty dry and I find within minutes it feels like it's already softened my hands.  

The scent of it is somewhere between a unisex scent but I do feel like it has lavender in it as well.  To be honest, I love a nice fragrance but if this works I'm just grateful that it smells okay!!

This hand cream is up there with one of my all time favourites as I don't think many are intense enough for winter.  This is definitely one to try out!

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Lush Mint Julips Sugar Lip Scrub

As unattractive as it is my lips suffer during the cold months and they can end up pretty rough looking.  My friend Nic bought me the Lush Mint Julips Sugar Lip Scrub as part of my Christmas present which I was excited to try as I already have the bubblegum version and love it.

The taste of this bad boy is divine.  It remembers me of when my Nanna used to bake cakes and make peppermint icing.  It just has that particularly taste to it that takes me back to when I was a little girl in her kitchen.  

I do think that this scrub can get a little messy just applying directly to the lips so I generally like to apply a layer of lip balm so that the scrub has something to stick to.

Overall I adore this lip scrub.  I think I actually prefer Mint Julips to Bubblegum but both of them are delicious!

Friday, 2 January 2015

GlamGlow Thirsty Mud

It's probably the combination of bad weather and not being well over Christmas but my skin has been terrible.  It's been dry on my forehead and cheeks which is terrible uncomfortable and made my make up age me by many years.

I was delighted to received a Glam Glow gift set from my husband for Christmas and as I'd already tried their Youth Mud and loved it I was incredibly keen to try their Thirsty Mud.

The scent of it reminds of something fruity although I can't quite pin point what.  The directions say to apply to skin, leave for 10 - 15 minutes and then either tissue off or leave it on overnight.  I've never felt the need to tissue it off as I find that it sinks in nicely for a deep treatment.

I adore this mask as I find it does a fantastic job at hydrating my skin.  I have applied this mask before a big night out to plump my skin ready for make up.  As far as I'm concerned this is a staple product in my collection.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Reflecting Back On 2014

I write many personal bits on my blog, it's the one chance I get to show you all "the real me."  Last year I opened up a little with my end of year reflecting (click here to read it) and it was met with a good reception.  

I'm not the sort of person to brag about my achievements.  I am proud of what I accomplish but I do naturally play all the good down where I need to embrace it.  This year has been a fantastic one for me.  Looking back on the previous one it's amazing how much your life can change.  This was the year that I have had many opportunities and doors have opened both professionally and personally.

It started off with finally meeting the Creative Academy Manchester team in February.  If you've read my 2013 reflections you'll know that I mentioned having their director, Julia Moran find what I do and contact me.  I'm privileged to now class her as a friend also.  I'm on of those people that I don't say something is good unless it is... I'd rather not say anything then lie.  The team up there are the epitome of the "professional" and everything they do is carried out with expert precision and organisation.  If you're thinking of training for 2015 then definitely check them out.  

After the Paradise Collection launch I was then contacted by Soap & Glory as their PR manager was coming to Liverpool and wanted to meet me for their new product launch.  I thought that there would be a lot of bloggers there but when I did meet with her I found out that they only came to meet three people - me, Scouse Bird Probs and the Liverpool Echo!  I was in shock!  I did meet Steph (Scouse Bird Probs) which was nice as I think that her blog is hilarious and enjoy her Facebook updates.  I must have stuck in her mind as a few months later she then invited me to the launch of her smartphone app, Klink so it was nice to see her again and I enjoyed some amazing cocktails that night!
I was also honoured to be invited as a guest of Creative Academy Manchester as they were one of the sponsors for the Liverpool Fashion & Beauty Awards.  With a special dress on, my hair pinned up off I went to have a fabulous night with those ladies.

A particular highlight for me was being contacted to create two videos on behalf of Asda.  That was a massive opportunity for me and a massive achievement that I am immensely proud of. 

I was also invited to Kiehl's at Debenhams  LiverpoolONE for an event and had an amazing evening to celebrate the launch of Boots Clayton Square in the autumn.  It might all sound like fun but it is very deadline based so its often very difficult to juggle it all.
Personally I've had an incredible year.  The dark times I touched on briefly last time haven't returned and I feel like that stage of my life has well and truly passed.  I'll always encourage anyone who doesn't feel like themselves to speak to people about it.  
Friendships are a very important thing for me and some beautiful ones have developed, particularly very recently with a fellow nail tech Lydia who could brighten any room and Nic who is one of those most incredible women I know.  
For 2015 I look forward to turning 30 (because I have no other choice!) and hopefully continuing to develop both personally and professionally.