Friday, 23 January 2015

3D Textured Nails

I never want to appear that I'm copying someone else's idea, that's just not how I roll but the other day I posted "Focusing On Salmon Run" with a mini stud design that I did.  At some point after that I saw some photos of a 3D Chrome Textured look which was virtually the same principal as what I did, only the person covered the raised area with polish where as I covered it with CND Additives.  (I have since found the original post and You Tube video - click here to watch it)

Today I decided to elaborate on my original thought to spark some creativity amongst as all (hopefully!) so I'll run through what I did and how I did it.

The process would be:
  • Apply a base coat and cure.
  • Apply a colour coat and cure.  The colour really depends on how sheer the Additive is that you're applying over it.  (If you want more of a sheer look and then the raised area to be a darker version then use a light shade underneath.  If you want it all be an opaque look then use a similar matching Colour.)
  • With a blob of top coat and a fine brush, paint on your design fairly thickly.  To check where you're up to, lift the nail to the light until you can see where the shine is of the top coat, and cure.
  • Apply your Additive over (or your Shellac shade if that's what you're going for, and cure)
  • Apply your top coat and cure.

I'll run through what I used for each colour pop, from left to right.
  • The first one is a slightly sheer one.  I used Nude Knickers, then painted a wave design, applying CND additive in Sapphire Hope over.
  • Next is Creekside, a star design and CND additive in Deep Blue over. 
  • The colour pop after is Nude Knickers, more stars and the Silver Frost additive over.
  • Next up is Pink Bikini, swirls and Nectar Glaze additive (part of the Flora & Fauna collection)
  • After that, the next colour pop is Nude Knickers with Blush Bronze Additive over the design.
  • The next one is Nude Knickers and Gold Adorned Additive over the zig zags.
  • Of course I had to get Lecente Milky Way somewhere into this post so the next colour pop has Cream Puff, waves and that beautiful delight over it.
  • Finally, the last pop is a little bit of a sheer version of the second one using Nude Knickers and Deep Blue additive.
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