Friday, 9 January 2015

Custom Coloured Foils

Doesn't the title sound good to this post? I'm personally pretty proud of it.  Anyway it's the same concept as yesterday (if you missed it, click here) but with foils.  How many times have you looked at a foil and thought "if only there was that pattern in another colour..." and now you can make it!

This is the foil I chose to demonstrate with today.  I bought it a really long time ago from a company that has now closed but I've searched online and you can buy it here.  I've used it quite a lot because it's just so interesting.  If you've not managed full coverage foils yet - click here to watch my video on them.  
Dark Dahlia, Hotski Tchotchke, Decadence and Vexed Violette
My idea here was to apply your base coat and cure it.  Then choose a Shellac shade similar to the foil colour so in this case - Silver Chrome - apply it and cure it.  After you've applied the foil I then chose the more sheer Shellac shades to apply over the foil, cured it and then finished with a top coat.  I think it's a really good option for clients! 
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