Saturday, 10 January 2015

Let's Go Lashes in Flirt 1

If you didn't know, my username stems back from being a Scouser (someone from Liverpool) and a daily wearer of false lashes.  I have my application completely sorted with them as I've been wearing them for around six years now.

Whilst I was up at Creative Academy Manchester before Christmas the staff pointed out a special offer on the Nouveau Let's Go Lashes which I just couldn't refuse.  

Typically for some reason, many dismiss the adhesive that comes with strip lashes but I have never had a problem with it however I want to try them all to let you know.

I have to say that they were really comfortable to wear and I could tell immediately that they were well made as the bands were soft and flexible.  I wore the lashes for around 16 hours with the adhesive provided which held them in place like a dream.  I loved the look that the "Flirt 1" model gave me.  It was a slightly sexy cat eye effect.

The bottom line is... I shall be purchasing a ton of these for the future and definitely more of the different styles that they stock!  They're excellent quality and would also be brilliant to retail to clients.

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