Monday, 19 January 2015

Focusing On Creekside

CND Shellac Creekside is already a firm favourite with me.  It's just a perfect powder blue and as it's a cream shade I adore it even more.  

Just like I did with Field Fox (click here if you missed it) I have put together a few design ideas with Creekside.  All of the colour pops below have two coats of Creekside, cured on firstly.

If I start from left to right and tell you what I used to achieve the design.  

For the first design I used CND Additive in Midnight Tide and Lecente Galaxy to pat horizontal lines into the sticky layer.  I then mixed a paste out of Lecente Capri and top coat, drawing circles on top of the powders.  After curing it, I removed the excess powders to reveal the design and top coated it.

Next is a simple heart with CND Additive in Dream Lily which I dotted onto the centre of the colour pop.

The next colour pop I removed the sticky layer, then I used CND Shellac in Iced Cappuccino to paint the design.  After curing it I used a gold foil to pat it on top of the design.  I finally finished it with a top coat.

Moving onto the next colour pop, I mixed a glitter paste of top coat and Lecente Capri and painted the chevrons.  Boy is this pretty in real life!

The next colour pop as CND Additive in Midnight Tide stamped into it using MoYou London Princess Plate 12.

Next up is a silver foil which I used the corner of and rubbed it careful into the sticky layer.  

Finally I thought I'd mention my favourite colour combination, Creekside with Grape Gum over it.

I am currently wearing Creekside on my nails with a lilac stamp over it.  I just love it!

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