Saturday, 17 January 2015

Focusing On Field Fox

Of course I'm not just talking any fox in a field but that new CND Shellac shade.  Wow this was the one I knew I would adore (although Creekside is still trying to steal my heart, truth be known!) 

If you haven't watched my comparison video for the Flora & Fauna collection, it's here.

To be fair, I don't think any client would need much persuasion to pick this bad boy but I decided to have a little play with it today and just come up with a few different ways to wear it that I hope you enjoy!

I'll go left to right with what I did and run though what I used.  All colour have two coats of Field Fox, cured firstly.

First up is CND Additive in Pave Diamonds which has been stamped onto the sticky layer of the colour pop using MoYou London Sailor Collection Plate 07.

The next colour pop I applied three CND Additives in three horizontal blocks into the sticky layer.  The colours I used were Rose Notion, Plush Velour and Plum Love.  I then applied graduated dots of top coat on top and cured it.  I then removed the rest of the additives to reveal the dots and top coated.

The third colour pop is Lecente Neptune faded from the top of the nail.  It's simple but effective.  Field Fox would be a good base for full coverage of Neptune as well.

The next colour pop is a little bit of CND Additive in Blush Bronze Frost mixed with top coat and I used my Micro Styler 0000 to paint the flicks, cured and top coated.

I wanted to show a layering option so the fifth from the left has a colour that doesn't get a look in with my clients which is Vexed Violette, over Field Fox.

Finally, the foil I used over Field Fox is called Geisha Garden and you can buy it here.  It removes from the backing fairly easy.  If you haven't got the hang of full coverage foils yet, I have a post on it here.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and found it useful!  If you've like to see my other 'Focusing On' posts - click here.  Don't forget to follow my Facebook Page for regular updates, tutorials and ideas!


  1. Hello! How do you stamp the additive on? They all look amazing & I'll defo be trying them! Thanks for the great post! Xx

  2. They look lovely! I'm also wondering how you stamp with additives, do you have a tutorial on this technique?


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