Monday, 9 February 2015

Focusing On Salmon Run

Today I'm going to continue my little series where as I focus on a colour and show a couple of design ideas and colour combinations.  The truth be known, I get to play and you get to see something that hopefully sparks your own design ideas!  Today I've chosen the long awaited peach, Salmon Run. 

Left to right I'll talk you through what I did and what I used.

The first colour pop has a layer of CND Shellac in Dandelion on, cured.  I then applied a layer of Salmon Run over and carved out the design on the right side and cured.  I mixed a glitter paste (too coat and glitter) using Lecente Milky Way, painted the design and cured, finishing with a layer of top coat.

The next Colour pop I just applied Salmon Run where I wanted it and cured, removing the sticky layer.  Then I took Iced Cappuccino and painted an ornate design and cured it.  I then tapped gold foil into the design and finished with a top coat.

After that the next Colour pop is just Salmon Run with Dandelion over it which just adds a little softness to the shade and then slight shimmer.  I then added some Lecente Constellation in a sweeping motion with a fan brush.

The fourth Colour pop from the left is a layer of Salmon Run, cured.  I then applied a layer of Iced Cappuccino and used a dotting tool to carve the design.  Once it was cured I used a slightly unusual finish foil (photographed below) in the shade "Champagne" to give it a slightest edgy feel, finishing with a top coat.

The final colour pop was truly a playing around one.  I applied two layers of Salmon Run and cured it.  I then used CND Additive in Ornate Halo to the top of the Colour pop - this was a beautiful combination on it's own.  I wanted to create the look of studs though so then I used Iced Cappuccino to draw dots, cured it and then patted CND Additive in Pave Diamonds over.  In fairness, the Pave Diamonds covered the Ornate Halo so this was an unnecessary step but I wanted to mention how fantastic a combination it was initially! 

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