Thursday, 8 January 2015

New Shellac Glitter Shades

Okay in fairness they're not new Shellac glitters so to speak but it's a bit of fun to creative some new colour pops for clients to choose from as in this past year a few of the amazing glitter Shellac shades have been discontinued.

I was having a conversation with a friend and fellow nail tech about Ruby Ritz and how she wished there was a purple version of it.  Within the same week I was up at Creative Academy Manchester and there was a customer in asking about Ruby Ritz so I told her that if you did a gold Rockstar nail and covered it in CND Shellac in the shade Decadence it gives you a very similar effect.  Somehow those two conversations merged in my mind and I figured that if I chose a sheer purple over a gold Rockstar nail it would give me the purple Ruby Ritz that my friend was after.  

I actually used this glitter in sand.  I've had this a very long time so I can't pinpoint where it bought it but I'm sure that Lecente glitter in "Sand" would be very similar.  

I have chosen the more sheer Shellac shades to show you.  My method was to apply my base coat, cure it.  Next I applied a layer of the chosen colour, cure it.  I then proceeded with the glitter and patted it into the nail.  The next part is depending on how you prefer to work but of course you don't want to get glitter into your Shellac bottle.  I then applied another colour coat, I ensured I wiped the brush clean before returning it to the bottle and cured it.  I finally finished with a top coat and cured.

Left to right - Sultry Sunset, Fine Vermilion, Dark Dahlia, Rose Brocade & Tinted Love

Left to right - Hotski Tchotchke, Desert Poppy, Purple Purple, Grape Gum & Limeade

Left to right - Hotski Tchotchke, Desert Poppy, Purple Purple, Grape Gum & LimeadeSultry Sunset, Fine Vermillion, Dark Dahlia, Rose Brocade & Tinted Love

The one shade I was so keen to work was Mint Convertible but I think it was a little too creamy to show the glitter underneath properly.

I'm sure there are more shades to try and even doing a different shade underneath the glitter and a sheer shade over it. 
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