Thursday, 1 January 2015

Reflecting Back On 2014

I write many personal bits on my blog, it's the one chance I get to show you all "the real me."  Last year I opened up a little with my end of year reflecting (click here to read it) and it was met with a good reception.  

I'm not the sort of person to brag about my achievements.  I am proud of what I accomplish but I do naturally play all the good down where I need to embrace it.  This year has been a fantastic one for me.  Looking back on the previous one it's amazing how much your life can change.  This was the year that I have had many opportunities and doors have opened both professionally and personally.

It started off with finally meeting the Creative Academy Manchester team in February.  If you've read my 2013 reflections you'll know that I mentioned having their director, Julia Moran find what I do and contact me.  I'm privileged to now class her as a friend also.  I'm on of those people that I don't say something is good unless it is... I'd rather not say anything then lie.  The team up there are the epitome of the "professional" and everything they do is carried out with expert precision and organisation.  If you're thinking of training for 2015 then definitely check them out.  

After the Paradise Collection launch I was then contacted by Soap & Glory as their PR manager was coming to Liverpool and wanted to meet me for their new product launch.  I thought that there would be a lot of bloggers there but when I did meet with her I found out that they only came to meet three people - me, Scouse Bird Probs and the Liverpool Echo!  I was in shock!  I did meet Steph (Scouse Bird Probs) which was nice as I think that her blog is hilarious and enjoy her Facebook updates.  I must have stuck in her mind as a few months later she then invited me to the launch of her smartphone app, Klink so it was nice to see her again and I enjoyed some amazing cocktails that night!
I was also honoured to be invited as a guest of Creative Academy Manchester as they were one of the sponsors for the Liverpool Fashion & Beauty Awards.  With a special dress on, my hair pinned up off I went to have a fabulous night with those ladies.

A particular highlight for me was being contacted to create two videos on behalf of Asda.  That was a massive opportunity for me and a massive achievement that I am immensely proud of. 

I was also invited to Kiehl's at Debenhams  LiverpoolONE for an event and had an amazing evening to celebrate the launch of Boots Clayton Square in the autumn.  It might all sound like fun but it is very deadline based so its often very difficult to juggle it all.
Personally I've had an incredible year.  The dark times I touched on briefly last time haven't returned and I feel like that stage of my life has well and truly passed.  I'll always encourage anyone who doesn't feel like themselves to speak to people about it.  
Friendships are a very important thing for me and some beautiful ones have developed, particularly very recently with a fellow nail tech Lydia who could brighten any room and Nic who is one of those most incredible women I know.  
For 2015 I look forward to turning 30 (because I have no other choice!) and hopefully continuing to develop both personally and professionally.

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