Saturday, 31 January 2015

Stepping Up My Skincare Routine

A while back I was a little obsessed with skincare.  It was all during my facial training and the tutor has told us to raise our hands if we used make up wipes which admittedly, I did.  She told us to throw them away admittedly and that we would see such a change in our skin within weeks to which I did and it felt so much better. 

Anyway, I have now slipped into my old bad habits and I am thoroughly ashamed of myself and my skin.  I have therefore made a decision to make more effort in my skin and reap the benefits when I apply my make up to flawless skin again so I thought I'd run through the products I adore that I will be using.

Firstly I will still be using make up wipes to which I'm guessing you'll be shocked at.  The point of people saying not to use face wipes is because they don't thoroughly remove your make up but that's because people don't follow them up with a proper cleanser, of course I will be.

Next up will be a good facial wash.  I like many face washes so I'm not really specific with them but I love the fresh and clean skin afterwards.

My favourite facial exfoliator is Origins Modern Friction but you do have to be careful as some of the ingredients will make your eyes sting if you accidentally get them too close.  I'll also use a facial exfoliator sponge which I got from Boots.

I do believe it's essential to hydrate the skin so I will be using my Kiehls Hydro-Plump daily along GlamGlow's ThirstyMud as and when I feel it's needed.

I'm actually really looking forward to reaping the benefits of all of this effort!  I shall keep you updated!

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  1. No its not that they don't remove your make up properly, they don't have good ingredients in them, you really need to step away from them. They are chemical heavy, can cause flaky and inflamed skin. Most cloths stored closely together are a breeding ground for bacteria and they can sit for months on a warm shop floor. They are full of preservatives and in most cases alcohol. Alcohol and other drying ingredients can cause premature ageing. Use a nice cleansing balm or oil for your first cleanse instead. Takes a minute to do but won't cause you any problems at all! All that said, there's nothing like a wipe for quick drunken cleanse when you get in at 3am! Lecture over!


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