Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Focusing On: CND Shellac in Dandelion

Today's post is continuing on with my "Focusing On" series (if you want to see the rest click the "Focusing On" label at the end to see the others.)

If I'm honest I didn't feel a rush of love for Dandelion when I first saw the bottle however it has truly grown on me when I think of it more as combination with something else.

As usual I'll go through them and tell you what I did for each colour pop, going from left to right.

First up is Dandelion all over, CND Additive in Hydrangea Bloom patted into the stick layer in rough lines and then Sun Bleached and Salmon Run are dotted on to create flowers.
Next up is Dandelion with CND Additive in Gold Adorned over it.
After that is Sun Bleached, Dandelion and Salmon Run in block colours.  The photo doesn't really show it but the lines are actually grey (Asphalt)
The fourth colour pop along is Dandelion with a Salmon Run frame.  I then mixed a glitter paste with CND Additive in Gold Adorned which I used to paint the design with.  Once it was cured I then tapped a little gold foil into the pattern but I wanted to make sure the Additive was still the main focus.
The last colour pop is a layering combination with is Dandelion with Grapefruit Sparkle over.  Let's be frank here, Grapefruit Sparkle is good with anything else!
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