Saturday, 7 February 2015

Focusing On: CND Shellac In Fragrant Freesia

I'm getting good feedback from my "Focusing On" posts so I think I'm going to continue them.  If you've missed any of them, click here to see them all.  Some of the designs may not be exactly what you like yourself but my thoughts behind it was more to get everyone thinking about colours that you may not normally gravitate towards and perhaps give you a little inspiration.  

CND Shellac in Fragrant Freesia is possibly one that's a little bit more difficult to find good combinations with so I knew I was in for a challenge! 


As usual I'll go from left to right of the above photo.  All of the colour pops have two layers of Fragrant Freesia cured first of all.
  • The first colour pop has Lecente Golden White Iridescent glitter over it.
  • The second one is using MoYou London Pro Plate 13 with Konad Special Polish in Black as well as Shellac Black to draw the outline for a neat finish.#
  • The next one I rounded the colour pop with a file and applied CND Additive in Antique Bronze to the edge in a ombre halo effect.
  • After that I mixed a glitter paste with CND Additive in Pave Diamonds to paint a fish scales style pattern on the fourth colour pop.
  • Finally I used a foil in 'Geisha Garden' which I truly adore and I think that it complimented Fragrant Freesia really well.
So that's all for today's post!  I hope it's given you a few ideas!  We all know what's coming next, the last one from the Flora & Fauna collection - Wild Moss!  Please make sure you're following my Facebook page to keep up to date with my latest posts.

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