Sunday, 8 February 2015

Focusing On: CND Shellac in Wild Moss

Today's post may be long awaited for some, it's the day where I share my ideas for Wild Moss.  As usual, all of my past "Focusing On" posts are here.

Wild Moss is such a unique shade and when you look at it initially you may wonder what on earth you can do with it but you soon work out that there are quite a few ideas to the point where as my original five ideas grew into seven colour pops.

From left to right:

  • First up is two layers of Wild Moss.  With the second layer uncured I dropped a dot of Locket Love and Dandelion onto it and then little dots of Sun Bleached, cured and finished with a top coat.
  • Next is two layers of Wild Moss with Lecente Constellation over it.  Initially I thought that this has completely covered the Wild Moss up but it does allow a tiny hint of the green to show through and brings out the silver tones of the glitter.
  • The next colour pop I used a gold glitter to dab a spray of sparkles across, into the sticky layer.
  • Next up is two layers of Wild Moss with CND Additive in Emerald Mirage over at the top meeting the Jade Rekindled Additive at the bottom.  I then took Shellac shade Locket Love to paint a design, cured it and a applied a top coat.
  • The next colour pop has Sun Bleached over Wild Moss on it that I applied using a fan brush and cured.  I then applied some gold glitter over it and finished with a top coat.
  • Next up is Lecente Iridescent Glitter in Capri over Wild Moss.
  • Finally I did Shellac in Sun Bleached and then Wild Moss over, drawing wiggles into the uncured green and curing.
I hope that this is given you some inspiration!  I actually think I could have gone further with this shade that even surprised myself!  I didn't even enter the wonderful realms of foils...!  Don't forget to follow my Facebook Page for all of the latest updates.

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