Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Focusing On: Lecente Iridescent Glitter in Golden White

In life, I like things that are going to be multi taskers.  Skirts that you can wear as tops, bobbles that can be worn as bracelets... needless to say if you can get a glitter that works with every other shade then I'm bound to fall in love.  The even better news is that there's not just one glitter that does this, there's a whole range of them!  They are Lecente Iridescent range which I'm currently obsessed with so today I've decided to focus on one of the shades because it's the ultimate multi tasker, which is 'Golden White.'

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes lecente iridescent glitter golden white capri

What makes this line such multi taskers is that all of the iridescent glitters are translucent so you can still see the shade I underneath but it adds the sparkle, flawlessly. 

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes lecente iridescent glitter golden white capri
Beau, Field Fox, Lobster Roll, Blue Rapture & Overtly Onyx
I recently added a little amount of this glitter roughly to the tips of a client's nails who is trying to get them in a good condition with CND Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel, but wanted to jazz them up with something else.  I must say that they looked brilliant. 
If you haven't already got it, I highly recommend you pick it up.  It would be perfect for brides and I actually have a pot of white acrylic powder with a pinch of this glitter in for those who want a sparkly forever French!  I just think that if you were a mobile nail tech, it's the perfect glitter to have in your kit to offer a ton of different options as well.
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