Sunday, 1 February 2015

Heated Mitts For Shellac Removals

A while ago I wrote a post about using microwaveable wheat bags for removing my CND Shellac on myself and my clients.  The heat works an absolute treat and not only does it make it more comfortable for my client, it also speeds the process and excellarates the results of the removal.

I had been using my wheat bags for a few months when I had read a few nail techs using their heated manicure mitts for removal.  I wanted to try it out because the thing that I was finding was that I liked to be ready with the mitts already warm as my microwave is not in my summerhouse home salon.  The only thing then was that if my client ran a couple of minutes behind they had already started to cool down.  Of course as long as I switch them on a couple of minutes before their arrival they are ready to go and stay warm for the entire length of time I need them for.

I do highly recommend that you try them for yourself!  I bought mine when I first quality died so I'm so glad to actually get my money's worth out of them as well!

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  1. Can I just pop the remover on a pad held in place with protip clips and then place hands inside mitts? or how do you recommend doing it?


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